Soul Deep By Lora Leigh

   This novella did bring some new information to the table that’s for sure.  It brought to light the coyote Breeds and a little bit about them.  Since they haven’t been brought up yet, as a good guy, this brought the series into a different area.  The story actually wasn’t that bad, but I am wondering if it was actually necessary. This novella had nothing to do with the rest of the series so far.  It had all new characters and all new reasons on why there were new characters.  This doesn’t really make any sense to me, because you should at least try to corporate some of the older characters into a newer novella.  Even if they only show up for a little bit.  One of the newer characters in this novella was Amanda, who is also the President’s daughter.  Amanda is a school teacher that loves to help out others.  She believes that everyone is equal and that everyone has a soul.  So when someone tells her that they don’t believe in those two things she does everything in her power to prove them wrong.  She’s a complete and total mystery for people exactly like Kiowa, who believes that he doesn’t have a soul.  Kiowa is one of the most feared Breeds, he’s a coyote Breed.  He was told all of his life that his mother never wanted him and that he had no soul.  He was left to fend for himself in a lone cabin for most of his young life.  His grandfather helped to raise him, but he didn’t actually help him at all.  What he did was child abuse and this has haunted Kiowa for his whole life.  So when he’s sent to protect Amanda he wants to know more about her.  However, he doesn’t want her to get close to him, because he’s tainted.  Unfortunately for her a new player wants her badly.  As the President’s only daughter she could influence him to change his mind.  Especially, since the President is thinking about siding with the Breeds.  This little novella was a very curious way of putting romance into the mix.  The romance wasn’t subtle in any way.  So it was quite obvious what was actually going on.  The interesting part about this was the fact that Lora Leigh decided to use the President and his daughter in this novella.  Very rarely do we ever see novels that include one of the two, and when we do it doesn’t really turn out that well.  With that being said I wouldn’t say that this novella was a success with this, but I also wouldn’t say that it sucked outright.  This is just an interesting take on all the characters and I would suggest reading it.  If only to discover what I did about the characters and the novella itself.

*Read on March 18th, 2015


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