Tanner’s Scheme By Lora Leigh

This is perhaps the most anticipated novel for me, because Tanner is quite a character.  I was very excited when I got this novel, that’s how much I wanted to read it.  It really was a great story and the characters backgrounds just helped the plot even more.  It’s a dangerously exciting novel that will hook you in and never let you go.  This is kind of depressing, because of the fact that I don’t think Lora Leigh will ever make a good novel again.  Hopefully, she’ll prove me very wrong in the end.  Scheme held most of my attention for this whole novel. Scheme is a strong woman that has been abused by her father for way too long.  He not only sent his own personal assassin to be her fake boyfriend, but he also killed her unborn child too.  The girl is an emotional wreck and it only makes sense that she’d betray him.  She goes to Jonas in hopes of helping the Breeds by giving them her father.  She’s taking a big risk by doing this, but for Scheme it’s been a long time coming.  What she didn’t see coming was Tanner, and he came at her fast.  Tanner is the face of all Breeds.  He’s a charmer that can be both witty and flirty, all at the same time.  He also has a wicked streak that is currently focused on Scheme.  Scheme is the daughter of one of the Generals that used to torture the Breeds, and Tanner wants vengeance.  Vengeance that he’s going to take out on Scheme if he can.  What Tanner doesn’t realize is that Scheme’s father is trying to kill her.  He doesn’t find this out until he stops her from being murdered.  Never one to back down from a plan gone wrong, he takes advantage of it and kidnaps her.  Hoping that he can still get his revenge out on her.  However, he may not be able to, because she’s Jonas’ personal little mole.  This is probably the best romantic novel that Lora Leigh has done by far.  The plot for this novel was actually pretty decent and had the reader wanting to read even more of it.  This is what the reader wants, so the fact that Lora Leigh actually got the point is pretty fantastic itself.  This is a fast paced novel that keeps leading you towards the direction that it wants to go.  This isn’t a bad thing because this novel has a plot that worth reading.  It draws you in and doesn’t let you go until the novel is actually finished.  This makes for a fast read and an awesome story line.  Overall, I’d say that you should definitely read this novel.  It’s a great addition to this series and is definitely worth reading.  So if you do get this far into this series, then this novel should be on your list for sure.

*Read on May 17th, 2015


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