Tempting The Beast By Lora Leigh

I’m not actually sure that what I just read was actually a novel.  It was certainly something, to say the least, but I don’t think that it’s really novel worthy.  The cover of this novel looked like some type of B-rated novel production.  If there is such a thing. If so then this novel’s cover would definitely be one of them.  The only reason I actually read this novel was because it sounded good when I read the back of it.  Once I read the back of a novel the cover is usually the deal breaker for me.  In this case it wasn’t and it should have been.  This novel had a lot of bad word usage in it, to be honest it was all really unnecessary.  There were descriptive words such as, cum, milky, creamy, frothy, etc.  If this is supposed to turn a girl on it did the opposite to me.  This novel had two main characters in it, Callan and Merinus.  Callan is a Lion Breed that is now being hunted along with the rest of his Pride.  He helped to save everyone in his Pride and will do whatever it takes to keep them away and free from Council hands.  He isn’t cold by any means, because he does feel emotions and he feels them all the time.  He’s just a very calculating person, because he needs to be for his family’s sake.  He wouldn’t do anything to put them at risk and Merinus could very well put them all at risk.  Merinus is a journalist that will do whatever it takes to get her story right.  Her family is trying to get the Breeds to reveal themselves to the world and let everyone know what happened to them.  So the sent Merinus as a sort of liaison for them.  Merinus will do anything to help the Breeds.  Even more so when it comes to Callan.  However, in this case she’s bitten off quite more than she can chew.  Meaning that Callan is starting to think about chewing on her.  There’s something going on between them that they can’t quite explain and it’s starting to hurt them like no other.  Merinus can’t stand anyone else’s touch but Callan’s and now is starting to think about losing her for good.  Because at the rate that this is going Merinus will end up endangering his only family.  This novel certainly turns around quite a bit throughout its pages. It’s like the author couldn’t tell whether or not to make it a romance novel or a syfy novel, so she made it both.  This makes for a pretty peculiar novel and an even peculiar plot.  The plot was at least halfway understandable, so you can at least understand what’s going on.  The whole thing has this sort of genetic twist thing going on, which does make it rather interesting.  This isn’t a novel about shifter, yet the characters all have the DNA of great predators.  The whole novel is almost one giant plot twist and honestly just makes my head hurt.  I’m not quite sure that I’d recommend this novel to anybody, but for those of you who like to try something different.  Well this is certainly different and would be right up your alley.

*Read on January 11th, 2015


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