The Man Within By Lora Leigh

The covers on these novels are simply awful and should just be burned.  This combined with all the unnecessary word usage is really just starting to annoy me to death.  I don’t see the point to it and it’s really just ruining the plot of this story, which is actually good this time.  All I could really see was the bad side, because it’s so powerful and hard to ignore.  This isn’t what any author wants for their novels, so why is Lora Leigh still writing them like this.  Please just stop with all the nasty word usage and just get on to the freaking plot already. I mean seriously, come on now, and just give it up.  There are two main characters in this novel and they are Roni and Taber.  Taber is Callan’s second in command and takes his role with the Pride very seriously.  He’s still upset that a woman, that he thought he loved, had rejected him a long time ago.  He’s had feelings for this woman for a long time and it looks like those feelings are never going to go away.  To forget about her he’s transformed himself into a very cold and distance person.  He doesn’t want to be around others unless he absolutely has to.  He’s all but forgotten about this woman, until she shows up on the news as a Breed’s mate.  Roni was bitten by Taber a few years before and has suffered from it since.  She’s going through these horny periods that no matter what she does it doesn’t relieve her symptoms.  She’s been hearing all about the Breeds and who all has come out as one so far. It doesn’t surprise her at all that Taber is on that list.  What surprised her is when she’s attacked by T.V. reporters and they ask her about her Breed lover.  Now the Council not only knows that she’s a Breed’s mate, but they know where she lives.  Roni now has a lot of people after her, including the one man that left her to suffer alone for years.  Taber has been sent to retrieve Roni and bring her back to Sanctuary.  However, Roni wants nothing to do with him now and will do whatever it takes to get away from him.  I’m not really sure if this is supposed to be a romance novel or an action novel.  There’s so much of both and there so twisted together that it’s really hard to tell.  I’m just going to say that it’s both at this point.  Out of all of it I did like the action parts the best.  It’s more pronounced and is better written than the romance is.  It hooks you into a different plot twist that hasn’t been seen in a lot of novels.  This makes it an unusual novel, with quite an interesting plot to go by.  The plot was different in a weird sort of way and could reel you in at certain points.  It doesn’t quite hook you into it, but it leads you on, so if you’re interested you’ll want to keep reading it.  I’m not sure that I’d recommend this novel to anyone though.  I want to see if Lora Leigh can become a better writer first, but at this point in time I feel like it may take a while for her to accomplish this.  If this could interest you than by all means read this novel.  It’s not a bad novel, it’s just not that great of a novel either.

*Read on January 31st, 2015


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