Winterspell By Claire Legrand

    This novel is really just another retelling of the Nutcracker.  It even has the dangerous Prince and the innocent girl in it as well.  As far as the retelling goes, this one was actually a pretty decent one and worth reading too.  It had everything it needed to tell the story right, and it even made it into its own story as well.  It does hook you into it, but mostly because it’s unique in its own way.  The fact that there’s a nutty toy maker made my day when I was reading this novel.  For me the small things like that are what make this novel.  This novel was one that I really enjoyed reading and I may even read it again in the future, because I just happened to like it that much.  Both of the main characters, Clara and Nicholas, were very entertaining throughout this novel.  Clara is a girl that is fascinated by things that she shouldn’t be.  One of those things being the fact that she loves to go to her Godfather’s toy shop.  She spent most of her time there as a child and even more time with the statue that rest there.  The statue is that of a man and it seems to call to Clara whenever she’s there.  It’s something strange that Clara can’t explain or would if she could.  After Clara’s mother s murdered her Godfather makes sure that she’s well protected.  This means that Clara starts meeting him in secret, so that she can learn to fight.  Her Godfather believes that something, or someone, is coming for her and that she needs to be ready for it.  The only thing that Clara wasn’t prepared for was a full out war at her doorstep.  Or the fact that the statue is alive and demanding to be called Prince Nicholas.  Now Clara’s life is under attack and her sister is being held hostage.  The only way to save everything that Clara hold dear is to go with Nicholas.  If she can find her father then her sister will be spared.  If she doesn’t fall for Nicholas first that is. He’s going with her to reclaim his kingdom and the two of them are starting to become close.  Closer than either of them can afford at the moment.  This novel would be classified as a young adult romance novel.  The twist being the spinoff of an all-time favorite fairy tale, the Nutcracker.  It was brilliantly written and not many people can pull something like this off.  It takes a lot of work to recreate a fairy tale to your liking and most don’t turn out that well.  This one, thankfully, did and its one that should definitely be read.  The cover of this novel didn’t even lead to this fact, it was that misplaced.  It looked like it belonged without actually belonging if that makes any sense.  This didn’t distract from the plot though.  The plot to this novel was just great, because it keeps you on your toes.  If you haven’t already read this novel, then I suggest that you do.  Go pick it up and read it right now!

*Read on April 16th, 2015

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