Crystal Kingdom By Amanda Hocking

I just want the record to show that Amanda Hocking has killed off one of my favorite characters and I’m not very happy about it. This novel was very much anticipated on my end and I couldn’t wait to read it. It was everything I had hoped for and then some. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was how the story ended. Otherwise it would have been one of the best young adult fiction novels I’ve ever read. This series did actually make it on my favorites list, which hasn’t gotten a new addition in a very long time. That’s how much I enjoyed this series. It’s one that is to die for and it’s certainly one with a fantastic story plot to it too.

In this novel Bryn’s been accused of murder and her friend Kasper is now dead. With the Queen yelling treason on her head Bryn has fled from her home. In hopes of convincing others that her Queen is wrong she falls directly into Konstantin’s lap. Konstantin has defected and hopes of making the truth comes to light. For this to happen though he needs Bryn’s help and she needs his as well. The first thing you need to do when starting a war is you need the allies to help you with it. So going to the Omte first, for their brute strength, is the natural idea of things. This goes rather well for them, until the Queen’s advisor turns on them and throws them out. Now Bryn is even more confused, but will stop at nothing to get the help she needs. After being told by Ember that Finn might be able to help her, Bryn searches for Trylle. Unfortunately, this means that Konstantin must part ways with her. With the promise to always find her when she needs him Konstantin leaves Bryn. Trylle does take her in, but they won’t help her start a war that doesn’t need to be started. Not without proof that is. So Bryn leaves the protection of the Trylle and goes to search for proof of the Queen’s deception. Only what she ends up finding instead is worse. Much worse than she could have ever imagined. Now Bryn must rush to save her home, but she can’t do that if she’s already dead.

This novel has so much going on in it that it’s hard to explain. It’s clearly a young adult novel, but it’s also a romance, action-packed, ass kicking adventure novel that you won’t want to put down to. The cover alone just makes you want to buy it. It’s one of those series that makes you want more, but leaves you hanging for a long while. The plot of this novel is just wonderful. There are so many different things leading up to it that it’s hard to keep track. It’s all woven together like a masterpiece, and it comes together with something bigger in mind. The ending is the big bang to this novel and boy was it big. The twist was so good that even though I saw it coming, I couldn’t wait to read it. This is just a one of a kind novel that needs to be read by young adults everywhere. You won’t be disappointed when you read this novel. It will surprise you in the end, which is hopefully a good thing for the reader.

*Read on October 21st, 2015


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