Darker Than Night By Kim Lenox

I’m very surprised that I actually liked this novel more than I thought I would. I wasn’t a real big fan of Selene in the first two novels, but she really started to grow on me in this one. I’m not quite sure how this all happened, but it did and I’m really glad that I read this novel. It was a rather exciting and fun to read. It was a big guessing game with some really hot, exotic scenes too. It’s one of those that I’m glad to own, because I may just end up reading it over again.

In this novel Selene is more or less still crippled by what she did for her twin brother. She sacrificed herself in his place and took all of his evil inside of her. But by doing this she’s also cursed herself with the same fate of death. So until then she’s been placed under a sleeping spell, so that they may hopefully find a cure for her. Watching over her sleeping form is the Ravens and more importantly Avenge. Lord Avenge is the oldest Raven and also the Ravenmaster. He watches over all of them and even recruits a few here and there. Now after centuries have gone by Avenge finally sees Selene again for what she truly is. The daughter of the most famous Queen of all that may even still have a few of her old tricks. Some of those tricks may also include tricking him into thinking that she’s innocent of all crimes. A fact that has yet to be proven and may not ever be. Because if Selene is indeed still under the spell, then it be up to Avenge to kill her. A feat that everyone is well aware of and is waiting for. In the meantime they’ve been sent, along with a few other Ravens, to live in a remote place. A place that Avenge hasn’t been to in quite some time. All in the hopes of curing Selene once and for all of her madness. However, Selene may be closer to madness than anyone would have thought.

As last novel of the series it wasn’t a bad one. It’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed and I think the next reader will too. For a romantic novel it had a rather tragic feel to it and perhaps that’s what made me like this novel even more. Despite the fact that it was all romantic it’s still based in the late eighteen hundreds, which was a tragic period itself. This is what made it so fabulous to me, because with all of this in mind you’d think that it wouldn’t fit together so well. But the fact that it does is what makes this novel so unique to itself. Well that and the fact that the cover is very different from the way you’d imagine it to be. The fact still remains that this is an excellent novel and should really be read right along with the rest of the series. Otherwise there’s really no point to reading the series whatsoever.

*Read on December 19th, 2015


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