Ensnared By A. G. Howard

Oh, how I do love this series. It’s a perfect little gothic twist on our Alice in Wonderland fairytale. It’s both gruesome and yet pleasant at the same time. Which makes it a wonderful addition in this series. Oh, all the love and hate and anguish in this novel just had me giggling in glee. Which I don’t do very often. It’s a very interesting novel and should really be treated as such. Who knows, you may actually just been ensnared in the pages yourself. That’s how highly I regard this novel, because all the characters have just been enchanted throughout its pages.

In this last novel Alyssa has been admitted to an insane asylum just like her mother was. She’s been suspected of killing both Jeb and her mother, while trying to burn down her school. So while everyone thinks that she’s gone as mad as the hatter, she’s been cooking up a plan. One that involves her father figuring out who he really is once and for all. And now that he knows who he really is her plan is underway to becoming complete. When she finds both Jeb and Morpheus she can then go on to her plan of getting rid of Queen Red once and for all. Even if it means killing herself in the process. Because what the boys don’t know is that her heart is splitting into two. One for each man and because she loves both of them equally they’re equally killing her. But that’s her little secret to share and it’s all Queen Red’s fault that it’s happening. What’s not her fault is the fact that her magic got mixed up with Morpheus’ and now resides in Jeb. Making his paintings come to life to do his bidding. Jeb now feels like a God and is even starting to distance himself from Alyssa. Which can all be fun and games in the start, but that can be proven to go too far in the end. Allie needs to have a clear head and a stronger heart to defeat Red, and thanks to Jeb she may not have either when the time comes.

This was a very delightful ending to the series. It was just as creepy and beautiful as the first one, but it has an even better ending to it. As far as the retelling of old tales goes I am rather fond of ones such as these. They bring the old characters into new roles and into an even better light. It’s one of the many good things that there is to a retelling of an old tale. Heck the romance in this novel isn’t even quite for young adults. Its borderline adult fiction, which I absolutely adore the most of all. It made for a pretty wicked tale and an even better romance than I thought it would be. Perhaps that’s why the series has been a big hit so far, because of all the twistedness that runs together so beautifully. It’s like too many colors on a painted canvas, both chaotic and beautiful at the same time. If you do decide to read this series I highly recommend that you read this novel as well. It’ll be worth the wait in the end.

*Read on December 22nd, 2015


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