Enthralled: Devil’s Due By Lora Leigh

This was an interesting novella that have no ties to the previous novels whatsoever. Because of this little fact it made the novella rather pointless for this whole series so far. The most interesting thing in this novella was the mention of Cassie’s stalker, which has yet to be seen. I didn’t like the direction that this plot went, but I did enjoy the new information that it did provide. This is what keeps a reader going, so hopefully Lora Leigh has more of it. Because at this rate her novels are no longer going to keep coming.

My favorite character in this novel had to be Kate. She was so fiery and fast tempered that it was almost comical. She made for a very interesting character, because she didn’t care what others thought of her. However, she did just want to be normal and when her Breed side came out she didn’t like it. It made her different from others when she already knew it all along. This little fact didn’t make her feel better though. The other character Devil is quite a character himself. He knows all of his strengths and weaknesses and knows exactly how to use them to his advantage. He’s a strong character that has that hint of danger about him. This of course attracts Kate to him, rather than repelling her. All Devil wants to do is get rid of Kate because of his attraction to her. This puts everyone in danger because he can’t do his job properly. She’s already in enough danger just being who she is. A Wolf Breed that hasn’t shown any traits of being one for over twenty years. The council is already gunning for her, along with multiple unsavory characters as well. It’s Devil’s job to protect her and right now he can’t do that. So what happens when someone comes onto the ranch with kidnapping Kate in mind? This puts everyone on high alert, because she may be the answer that they’ve been looking for.

This novella’s sole purpose had before that information it carried, because its purpose was almost unnecessary. While it’s quite obviously a romance novella, it was a very short one and had nothing else to offer. This fact alone made it really boring and way too easy to read. You didn’t really see these two combined very often, that’s for sure. While I did enjoy the romantic part of this novella, I did find the fighting to be even better. The plot was like a replay of the last few novels, which I really don’t want to see yet again. It’s very cheesy and lame to boot. Overall, I feel like this novella could have been written a whole lot better than it was. It’s really not even worth the read, but you have to just to figure out what’s happening in the next novel.

*Read on December 8th, 2015


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