Fated: Blood and Redemption By bey Deckard

This novel had a few surprise twists in it that I wasn’t quite sure how to make of it. They weren’t bad per se, but it left the novel hanging in a way that I didn’t really enjoy. I’m very disappointed in the ending of this novel too. It was left wide open and without any sort of closure to it at all. This isn’t right and I’m not going to pretend that it is. While I love Tom and Jon’s development throughout the novel, there and their ending was quite tragic in the making. I think it could have been WAY better than it was, and it should have been too.

After leaving the island behind Baltsaro is in a terrible bipolar condition that makes him both sane and insane at the same time. While Jon is now being called Captain Black and is running Baal’s Heart while Captain Baltsaro is currently deranged. It’s a task that has everybody under a lot of stress. Jon is finding it hard to be the Captain that Baltsaro is and is instead trying to be the Captain that he needs to be. While this is hard for Jon, Tom on the other hand is having a field day with it. Jon is being more domineering towards Tom to help make up for the lack of Baltsaro. This works out great, but Baltsaro has to get better at some point. Which he does with the help of his wife and the sexy Saban. He still has these fuzzy moments every once in a while, but these moments are few and far between. And now that he remembers the red hands all that Baltsaro can think about is finding them. He wants revenge for what was done to him when he was younger, not because they killed his family. This makes for another long trip with even more dangerous routes. The boys may not even survive it at all in one piece. It’s getting harder for them to see through the madness of taking over Baltsaro. They keep getting hurt in his schemes and sooner or later one of them is going to put a stop to it. They don’t see what drives Baltsaro to go back home, when all he wants is to run away from it again.

This novel actually made me a little bit sad at the end. The ending was quite abrupt and it made it seem like there was going to be more to it. I also wasn’t a big fan of the additional character twist at all. This confuses things rather than helping to explain things. This character should have been clarified a bit more. The plot to this story was a bit different at that too. It made sense in the beginning of the novel and then towards the end of it it just got carried away. It was lost because the plot changed in a way that wasn’t for the best. This made it very confusing and difficult to read and understand at times. This combined with how the novel was perceived and it made for a poorly thought out plot at that. No matter how much I enjoyed reading this novel, this is just what it comes out to. This novel is the third in the series and needs to be read to completely understand the whole series itself. This novel isn’t as great as the other two either, but its good and its own way too.

*Read on October 20th, 2015


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