Ink Exchange By Melissa Marr

What drew me to this novel was actually the title of the novel. I’ve always loved tattoos ever since I was a little girl and have forever been in love with them sense. Because of this little fact this novel screamed at me to pick it up and read it. Which I actually did, and I read it first instead of the first one in the series. It had that dramatic and tragic sense to it that I craved back then, and still crave to this very day. That’s what made me fall in love with this novel, because above all else I am a very tragic type of girl.

Unfortunately, so is Leslie and the life that she’s been leading this whole time. Her parents could care less about her or what she does and her brother only uses her. All he wants her for is drugs and more drugs. They don’t care about her at all and this isn’t only abusive to her, but it leads to something far worse than that. When she’s told all her life that she isn’t wanted all she wants to do is escape from that pain. All she wants is a change in her that can help to represent that change. What she needs is a tattoo, so magnificent that it’ll blow everyone away. Including her with it. So when she sees the tattoo that she wants it’s so beautiful to her that she’d do whatever it took to have it. But everything comes at the price, even something as simple as a tattoo. For it’s not just any old tattoo, but one that was made by Irial, the King of the Dark Court. He designed that tattoo for a simple purpose and that purpose is to use the wearer in any way that he pleases. All Irial wants to do is use her just like her family has for the last seventeen years. The sad part is that not even her friend, the Queen of the Summer Court can save her, because it was Leslie’s choice just get it. Now she’s being used in such a way that it could end up killing her, if she doesn’t do it herself.

I just loved the cover of this novel. It was so entrancing that you had to pick it up and read it. This novel really doesn’t compare to the cover, because it’s all about hurt, deceit, and anguish. It’s exactly the type of novel that draws young women in and tells them a tale full of lies. A wonderful tale that could almost be too true for comfort at times. It tells the life people everywhere and what exactly could happen to them. Minus the whole fae thing of course. This is what makes this novel so relatable to me. It didn’t try to sugarcoat anything. It made it sound exactly how it was and that’s what makes this novel such a success in my opinion. It’s most definitely worth the read, so if you like a good novel about the faith and the truth in the world, then this is the novel for you.

*Read on November 4th, 2012


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