Into The Deep By Samantha Young

I have yet to find a novel written by Samantha Young that I haven’t liked and trust me, I’ve read quite a few of her novels. Her novels are just so incredible, not only for the romance, but because this could actually happen to anyone at any given time. I think this is why I fell in love with all of her novels. The characters just help to prove my point, because they all go together so well. Even when they’re separate from each other they’re still pretty good, but when added together they make the whole page flow together. I will say that I wasn’t a big fan of the switching back and forth between the past and the present. I felt like this wasn’t necessary at all, but it did explain a lot about what actually happened.

A lot of the things that actually happened, happened to my favorite character Jake, who had a traumatic incident happened to him while he was still young. A fight happened between him and another boy and at the end of this fight the other boy ended up dead. Jake has never forgiven himself for this, because he thinks that he’s the reason as to why the boy died. We’ll all of this still in his head he turned to Charley and blamed her for everything. Charley is a heroic type of girl that feels like she needs to help everyone. She never really believed in herself until Jake came along and helped her with it. Now that he’s blaming her for everything Charley no longer has that confidence though. She ends up going to Edinburgh like she planned to and plans to have a great time. She even does and ends up going to a party with a lot of single, and quite hot, guys. She even has a good time until she sees the one person that she wants to forget about. The one man that taught her how to love herself and do what she wants, Jake. Not only does she see him in Edinburgh, but he also has his new girlfriend with him as well. This just causes trouble for Charley and if Jake’s not careful, him to.

The plot to this novel was the classic bad boy meets good girl story plot. The twist to it is that the bad boy left and now wants the good girl again. This was a rather amusing plot, because the characters in this novel didn’t get along very well at all. That’s what made it rather interesting to read though. It was a romance novel that mostly didn’t invite romance into it. It’s such a wonderful way to write a novel and it worked out so well for Samantha Young. She’s a very talented author and her novels only prove this fact us. That’s why they’ve been such a big success and will continue to be for a long time. So as far as recommending this novel, I would say that this novel is a must-read. You won’t regret it at all and will perhaps even come to like some other of hers as well.

*Read on December 18th, 2015


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