Lawe’s Justice By Lora Leigh

I’m quite honestly not sure what to make of this novel. It wasn’t a bad novel per se, but it also wasn’t the greatest novel either. I think it was a little too slow for my taste and lately this is been happening a lot. Lora Leigh has gotten better, but lately she seems to be lacking in certain fields. Perhaps it’s because she’s running out of things to write about. This is a common occurrence with authors who have reached novel number twenty and over. It certainly seems to be the case with this novel as well. It also wasn’t the novel I thought it would be either. It’s focused more on the sex than anything else. And with characters like this we don’t want it to just be about sex.

Diana has to be my most favorite character in the whole novel. She’s got an attitude a mile long, commands a group of mercenaries, fights dirty, and always wins her fights too. She’d do anything for her sister and niece, even if it means putting herself in harm’s way. She’s done this many times before for them and she do it again in a heartbeat. Her family is her life and she do anything to help protect them no matter what. Lawe’s known that Diana was his mate since he helped rescue her over a year ago. He’s known and stayed away from her all the time too. He doesn’t want a mate that will risk her own life. He wants a mate that he can lock away and hide from the world. The fact that Diana is his mate terrifies him to death too. He’s already put a secret detail on her to keep her safe from harm’s way. This was after the two Breeds on Diana’s team left of course. Now Diana is pushing every button that she has to, because her niece’s life is at stake. Diana is doing what no breed has managed to do so far. She’s going into the Navajo Nation to get information on three people. Three people that could end up saving her niece’s life and telling them what they don’t know yet.

This novel would be classified more as an urban fantasy novel with a hint of romance and action in it. The romance is more than a little bit there to be honest. It’s kind of spread out through the whole novel and in some ways even takes over the novel. This is both a good thing and a bad thing when it comes to this novel. The good part about it is that the romance isn’t half that bad. It had a different plot to it, so the reader didn’t get bored with it either. I enjoyed this, because the plot can get boring at times and needs to be refreshed. It’s also a bad thing because a lot of people thrive on action in a novel and there wasn’t that much in this one. Which seems a little pointless, because the main character seems to be a take action type of woman. All in all, this wasn’t a bad novel. It just isn’t one that I would want to reread again anytime soon.

*Read on October 14th, 2015


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