Primal Desires By Susan Sizemore

This novel really didn’t surprise me at all. I kind of expected a spin-off of the last novel’s characters. I would have been very disappointed if there wasn’t one. I did enjoy the plot to this novel immensely, because it brought something new to the table. And everyone knows that to make a series great you need new information to keep it going. This novel definitely did all of that and more. It was extremely to my liking and was very enjoyable to read. The characters in this novel got along with each other beautiful. They even complimented each other’s personalities without actually mixing them together. Which can be hard to do sometimes.

Sofia was by far my favorite character in the whole novel. She has a lot of courage in her just waiting to be let loose. When she was younger she was attacked by werewolves and ever since then she’s been afraid of dogs. This hasn’t stopped her from doing what she believes is right though. Although, now she might just be given a run for her money when she’s told she’s a wolf tamer. This does nothing but confuse her and even more so when The Beast Master tells her he’s going to train her. Jason Cage made a promise to her ancestor that he’d help train the next Wolf Tamer. Now he has to fulfill his promise in less time than he has. Jason is an edgy character that has a somewhat shady past. He’s served his time, but have never forgotten what he’s done to deserve it. Because of this his powers are restricted in certain ways. Ways that could mean life or death for Sofia herself. There are people after her and her family that will do whatever they can to get them. They already have her cousin, now all they need is her. So not only is it Jason’s job to train her, but he must protect her as well. Otherwise, he may just lose his Bondmate mate.

I’d have to say that this was a paranormal, romance, and mystery novel. The paranormal romance is quite obvious, but if it needs to be explained it’s because of all the supernatural creatures in it. The romance wasn’t your typical romance, which made this novel so much better. The characters try to draw you into it which makes it a little more exciting for the reader. It’s like they want you to know it’s a romance novel, but they’re also going to put it off a bit. I rather enjoyed this part of the plot because it was unique in its own way. There was also a dangerous mystery twist to this novel. It was a page turner that had me wondering what was going to happen next. This spiced up the novel quite a bit. Overall, it was a great novel and I would definitely recommend this to anybody that’s willing to read it.

*Read on November 10th, 2015


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