Primal Heat By Susan Sizemore

This was actually a very interesting novel for me to read. It’s not every day that you read a novel based on a character’s sister, and have it go so well. What made it even more interesting to me was when I found out about her disease. It can be hard to corporate something like that into a novel successfully. The fact that this novel did just that was the icing on top of the cake. It was dangerous and sexy at the same time, which made it easier to read. The characters were very dramatic in their roles, but that’s to be expected when they’re supposed to act like that.

One of my favorite characters in this novel was Phillipa and her badass self. Phillipa comes from a long line of familia duty. Her mother was a detective, her father was in the force, and her sister flew planes for the army at times. Philippa herself is a hardcore cop that can take care of herself. That is until she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Now because of her “illness” her life revolves around needles and pills. The Department pretty much has her on light duty, which is almost the same thing as being fired. Because of all of this Phillipa has developed a depression from which there’s no escape. Then Mathias waltz back into her life and turns everything into chaos. Mathias is the vampire version of a police officer, or a guardian if you will. He’s the one that gets called in when a vampire has broken one of their own laws. He deals with them in his own way and then hands them over to be judged properly. Phillipa and Mathias had their own little affair during her sister’s wedding about two years ago. Now he’s back again so that he can be the Godfather of her sister’s child. This leads from one thing to another one when vampire hunters tried to kill her sister and infant nephew. Now both Mathias and Phillipa are both pissed and about to go hunting. Because whether Mathias likes it or not it’s now her fight too. Because nobody tries to hurt her family and get away with it.

This is a really great urban fantasy novel and that’s surprising, considering how far into this series I’ve gotten. It has romance, action, fights, and of course passion. All of these things in a novel that I consider great. The romance was clearly there, but was written well enough that it didn’t overwhelm the whole novel. Combine this with all the action and fighting and you get a very happy reader. It draws you in until you have to finish it no matter what. This is just how Susan Sizemore works and its doing wonders for her. Her novels should be more well-known and I’m frankly still surprised that they’re not. As far as the recommendation goes I recommend that you read this novel, because it’s definitely one that you don’t want to miss.

*Read on November 4th, 2015


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