Primal Needs By Susan Sizemore

I enjoyed this novel very much. I liked how the fling between a werewolf and a vampire could be so wrong, yet so right. It added a mix of danger into the novel. One that was surely needed. This made for an excellent twist on the story, because the women are only supposed to bond to Primes. So with the added risk of killing her beloved, the plot of the story was made in perfection. However, I didn’t really like how it kept switching from one story to another. The focus either needed to be on Sidonie or Tony, not on both. This made the stories it’s pretty confusing at times, and it’s not exactly what we’d expect it to be either.

One of the main characters was Sidonie, a female vampire surrounded by way too many emails. Sidonie is a strong-willed woman that’s being kept in a cage. She only gets to do some of the things that she desperately wants, while everything else is kept as far away as possible. Sidonie must do her duty towards our clan, even if it means she doesn’t want to. However, it may just be the only way to get them off her back for good. Joe has long since left Sidonie behind after finding out what she did to him. He quit his family’s PI business and left to join the Dark Angels. Joe knows that he hates Sidonie, but he can’t help but wonder if he did love her for a time. With all of this in his mind constantly, he sought out the help of a witch friend. Only her help seemed to work a little too well, because Sidonie reappears in his life. The leader of the Dark Angels think that Sidonie might know something very important to him. Something about her kidnapping. To help her retrieve those memories, he sent Joe to watch her and report back to him. So not only does Sidonie waltz back into his life, but he has to babysit her too. This doesn’t go well for either of them, considering the fact that they’re both very stubborn. But what’s worse is when old feelings start to rise between them again.

This novel is more of a paranormal / forbidden romance novel than anything else. It seems to focus more on the romantic aspect than anything else at this point. Including the parts that have it switch off to the other characters. I’m actually surprised by how well it turned out, because it usually doesn’t when it’s like this. There usually has to be another aspect in the novel to keep it going. However, I think the double story actually made up for the lack of it. I’m not a big fan of two stories in one novel and this novel is no exception to that. I think it would have been better to do their stories separately instead. However, this isn’t up for me to decide. As far as a recommendation goes I’d recommend reading this novel with series. It goes along with the theme that Susan Sizemore has going on. Making it a must-read for this series. It’s not a bad novel, but it could use a little more work to it overall.

*Read on November 14th, 2015


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