Snow White Sorrow By Cameron Jace

This novel is really different that’s for sure. I was very excited to read this novel, because it seems like a wonderful twist to our beloved fairy tales. However, this novel is anything but that. It confused me so much that it made it almost impossible to read. No reader wants this, so I don’t see why Cameron Jace thought this was a good idea. Add to this the fact that he quite literally shoved every fairytale into one novel and you get the biggest disaster in the history of novels. Because that’s what this was, a huge disaster that have no right to ever be made. And what sucks even worse was the fact that this novel sounded freaking amazing and had an awesome cover too. So it’s all really just a big lie wrapped in a very pretty package.

In this novel the main character Loki BlackStar is supposed to be half angel and half demon. He fell in love with a demon girl at 15 and fell from his position. The fact that the main character is 15 really puts me off, because nobody wants to read about a fifteen-year-old kid. Anyway, since he fell from his position he was supposed to be put in a box for all eternity, except someone save him. He saw great potential in Loki and the fates decided to give him one more chance. The catch is that he has to kill 99 vampires before his 16th birthday. This is less than a year away and he’d have to be invincible to actually get that done. The fact of the matter is that he couldn’t and now has a week left. Then he gets an offer from someone saying that they’ll pay him a lot of money to kill Snow White. Snow White is causing the people to panic because of her eating habits. Add to that the fact that her mother is coming and wants her dead and you get an awkward fairy tale. One that may or may not just have happily ever after.

This is really almost a young adult novel and a fairytale all wrapped up in one. The young adult part is quite noticeable it would be very hard to miss. It stands out in such a way that it be impossible for you to pass it by. It’s not the best young adult novel in the world, but it’s not the worst one either. I’m quite sure that it could be a whole lot worse than it actually is. The fairytale part is where everything starts to get messed up. All of the fairy tales that we grew up with basically just got thrown up and mixed up in one novel. It started to mess with my mind, and not in a good way either. It gets so confusing at times that you have to wonder if your sanity can take it. Mine almost couldn’t and I’m glad that I finished it. This is not a very good novel and I would highly recommend that you don’t read this. It’ll give you a massive headache and I desire to throw all of your original fairy tales.

*Read on December 13th, 2015


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