So Still The Night By Kim Lenox

I do increasingly enjoy the fact that the series takes place in the late 1800s in London. It just adds a certain flare to the fact that it’s a romance novel based upon and immortals. And such an entertaining one at that. This novel was a little too slow for my taste, but I think it made up for it in the end. I do love it when the characters want nothing to do with each other. This makes it a little bit more relatable in my opinion. The fact that this novel tried to historically describe London at that time is quite astonishing too. It worked out so well and I certainly thought that that’s what it must have been like in that time period.

One of the characters in this time period that I enjoyed immensely, was Mina. Her full name being Willomina, which is just a beautiful name, she took after her father when it came to being curious. She’s a traveler that wants to explore the world and also find a place to belong. Because of her father, they always traveled from place to place and never really belonged anywhere. This is Mina’s deepest wish in the world, because after her mother passed she felt like she had no one. That is, until she moved to London and met Mark. Mark is an immortal that is running out of time. As the son of very famous Queen he has the right to feel like everyone should bow at his feet. Especially the women. He’s usually quite fond of the games that women can play, but at the moment he couldn’t get far enough away from them. The one woman that he needs for himself won’t have them and all the while his time is running out. He needs Mina to fall in love with him, so that he can use her for his own good and so that his life may not end. This could prove to be a very difficult feat, because Mina no longer trust just any man.

This is the most peculiar novel there is that’s for sure. It’s a delightful romance novel with quite a bit of paranormal to it. This is never a bad thing for me, because I love all things paranormal. The romance in this novel was kind of predictable, because it was a bad boy meets good girl romance. We’ve all read these before and will continue to read them in our future. The only twist to this novel was the fact that there was paranormal in it too. It helped to spice it up a bit so that it wasn’t as predictable. Kind of like how the cover of this novel was. It was a little predictable, but had a pleasing enough effect that I didn’t really care. I can’t say that others will think the same, because they may not. However, if you do pick up this novel I do recommend that you read it. This is a very good series and even if we are tired of the plot, we still like to read it.

*Read on December 17th, 2015


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