Stygian’s Honor By Lora Leigh

I actually wasn’t really interested in this novel whatsoever. It was kind of a bore for me, and that’s actually saying something because I never get bored. I’m usually more invested in Lora Leigh novels, but at this point I think she’s run out of ideas. I saw this plot twist coming from a mile away, when it didn’t used to be like that at all. There’s usually more mystery to them than this. It’s like the plot just dried up and then went along without telling the characters. The characters weren’t actually that bad though. They went along quite nicely together. It’s just the plot to this novel that actually ruins them. That and the fact that there seems to be way more sex scenes in this one then where necessary. It got to the point of being ridiculous and I actually just started skipping the pages. That’s how bad the sex scenes were.

Now the main characters are Lisa and Stygian, who actually aren’t that bad by the way. Liza is a complex character that is actually part of a larger role. She has two sides of her that are shown throughout this novel. One being Liza Johnson, an undercover agent for the Nation’s children. The other being Honor Roberts, a girl that has hidden herself away from the world. These two clash together often and can even be seen together in a few scenes. Stygian is a little different in his personality. He’s more of a lone wolf that doesn’t play well with others at all. He prefers to run a small team instead of commanding many like Jonas would prefer. If he had a choice he’d rather be by himself then with others at all. He’s a fierce, cocky, and aggressive man that doesn’t believe in fate. These two are now thrown together, because of a plot against Liza’s life. While she can take care of herself, nobody around her is willing to take that chance, especially the Breed’s. They believe that Liza and Claire hold the key to their survival. Not just theirs, but baby Amber’s as well. They just need them to spill what they know before time runs out. Because if this happens then nobody will like the outcome of things.

This novel would have to be classified as a romance novel. It’s got a lot of sex and romance in it, so there’s no way it could be anything else. There was so much of it at times that I had to skip over it. This is mostly because it’s all the same sex scenes over and over again. It starts to get a little boring when you just read a scene and then another one exactly like it is following it. This doesn’t make for good reading material for someone who wants a new and unique spin on things. This romance novel is a bore and it really shouldn’t have been. There should have been more action in this novel to help spice it up, because all the reader is going to want is to put it down. Lora Leigh seems to be losing her touch already, when it seems that she just got it back.

*Read on October 29th, 2015


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