The Queen of Zombie Hearts By Gena Showalter

I pretty much had a love hate relationship going on with this novel. I really loved all the characters and all the drama they had but I hated the fact that all my favorite characters, being all of them, we’re being killed off. It really started to piss me off, but it did make for a really good novel to read. Gena Showalter still amazes me with all the stuff that she can accomplish. No matter if it’s a young adult novel or an adult romance/fiction novel, the result is still the same. They’re all novels worth reading, with a story worth retelling over and over again.

In this novel Ali’s abilities are still growing. They keep manifesting in strange ways and it’s mostly due to a witness named Helen. Once Helen started appearing to her she started to get these strange abilities that nobody has ever seem to see before. This causes tension between the group, but mostly between Ali and Cole. Because Cole only knows of one slayer who was ever named Helen, and that was the one that killed his mother. Now everyone seems to be weary of Ali’s new abilities, but they do seem to realize that they’re going to need them if they’re going to survive. They’ve been attacked and many slayers that were friends are now dead. Many have been wounded in the aftermath as well and it’s a shocked on everyone. But that doesn’t stop Ali from doing what she needs to do. And right now all she wants is revenge for what happened to her friends and family. Anima has broken the final straw between them. They want to take them all out, but they’re about to get a surprise instead. Allie and Cole have teamed up with another group of slayers, a larger group of slayers that too. And they’re going to take Anima out before they do the same thing to them. For all of the pain and grief that Anima had dealt them in the past, they’re going to deliver it back to them in tenfold. Because enough is enough and they’re not willing to wait any longer.

I would classify this novel as a young adult, urban fantasy, romance, and an action-packed novel. There was a lot of suspense and drama circulating within this one. It provided wonderful entertainment and a plot worth reading. There were parts of this novel that I didn’t enjoy, but that’s only because my favorite characters are in some unwanted scenes. These scenes did make the novel what it is today, so they’re very essential to the plot. They make for a good read and keep you hooked into it as well. If you liked the first two novels, then you’ll be even more into this one. It hooks you into it really fast and doesn’t let you go. It draws the readers in with an equally dangerous and daring plot. This is a very wonderful novel and I’m proud to say that I own it. I also can’t wait to read it again in the near future, because it’s affected me that much. I will be reading this novel again, because it put a new spin on a classic novel that I happen to love very much. If you haven’t read this series yet, I’d recommend going to the nearest bookstore. Because this is one series that you don’t want to miss out on.

*Read on October 5th, 2015


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