Wicked Embers By Keri Arthur

I really do enjoy reading Keri Authur’s novels. No matter how many I read I always see a new flare in each one. So whenever I see one of her latest novels I always get very excited and this one was no exception. This novel went along beautifully with the last one in this series. It brought new things with it, while sticking to the theme all at the same time. I just love reading about the phoenix characters, because they shed some light on what a phoenix may actually be able to do. This brings out so many possibilities that we could go on for ages about all of them.

In this novel Emberly is just as bad as she was in the first one. Her powers seem to have grown some. Emberly has been having visions for most of her very long life. They are usually of things that could happen in the near future. However, lately she’s been having dreams of a creature that has already eaten somebody. Someone that’s both dead and alive. Needless to say that the ever danger-prone Emberly goes to try and save these people. Only she’s too late and now the creature knows that she’s after it. Add to this the fact that the Red Cloaks leader wants Emberly for himself, then she has a major problem on her hand. She’s trying to avoid being kidnapped while also trying to save others. This is hard on her and Jackson too. Because their relationship is about to get a lot more complicated. Jackson is starting to show signs that his power merge with Emberly has caused something to happen to him. Both of them can now share thoughts and at certain times Jackson can actually produce fire. Which he could never do before. Now they have to figure out how to deal with this surge of power as well. If they do they need to do it quickly because the leader of the Red Cloaks is getting closer. And Emberly is afraid that she may know who it is they’re up against.

This really is a great urban fantasy novel. Keri Arthur knows exactly what the people want to read and not only does she give it to them, but she raises it up a notch too. This is perfect for those readers that have a vivid imagination. They get to imagine what these creatures and look like, but with their own twist to them. There really isn’t that much romance in this novel, but it hardly matters because it’s so action-packed. What it losses in romance it more than makes up for in action. The dangerous quality of this novel just makes it so compelling that you can hardly stay away from it for very long. This makes for a very amazing novel and I’m personally glad that I own it. I would highly recommend this novel and series to anyone that loves urban fantasy. If you don’t already know about Keri Arthur check her out, because I can guarantee that you’ll love her novels too.

*Read on December 12th, 2015


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