Wicked Lovely By Melissa Marr

I actually didn’t read this novel as the first one in the series at all. It was the second one in the series that I read first and because of it I decided to give this one a try. I’m actually glad that I did, because I do love reading stories about the fae. They always bring new things too light, while leaving the old in there too. It’s what makes it classically beautiful in my opinion. This novel was a little different because of the simple fact that I was bored by it. Not throughout the whole novel mind you, but through enough of it that I felt like it could have been a waste of my time. This is quite troubling because the second novel had given me such high hopes for this series.

Especially, for Aislinn since she was a main character in the second novel as well. Aislinn is a mortal that has been chosen by the fae to be their new Queen. For the last nine centuries they’ve searched for the one that could hold the Winter Queen’s staff and escape her chill. That power lies within Aislinn, but she refuses to see it. She’s one of the only humans cursed with the sight. Meaning that she’s always been able to see the face since she was born. She can’t let them know that she can see them, because it could mean being blinded or killed by them. This makes it very hard for Keenan, the Summer King, to court her and convince her to be his Queen. Because she can see him as he truly is and not as the human that he appears to be. This won’t stop him from his pursuit though, because he needs Aislinn very badly. The Winter Queen, his own mother, has bound his powers until he successfully finds his Summer Queen. In the meantime his court is fading and the winters grow even colder. Keenan needs Aislinn to help free them of the everlasting winters and to get his powers back so that he may rule his court properly. However, this may be impossible because Aislinn wants nothing to do with him. Because she’s been told of what they are capable of.

The novel is supposed to be a paranormal romance novel for young adults. However, I don’t see the romance in it at all. You can see where it’s trying to come out, but there’s no actual romance to this novel whatsoever. It’s mostly a novel strictly about the fae and what happens to those that see them. Kind of like how we were told about them as kids. The ones where we’re told that they do horrible things to children and those that can see them. This is that kind of novel and I think it went together quite nicely. It was a little boring for my taste, but the plot was at least a good one and one that we don’t hear often. So if you do like stories about the fae then you should read this novel. Because it’s all about the fae and more.

*Read on November 6th, 2012


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