Bengal’s Quest By Lora Leigh

I was actually quite pleased with this novel. It wasn’t just the prologue that got to me, but the main characters themselves. More particularly Cat or, as she’s been called, Fawn and Claire. This character actually took me for a spin, because so far in the last few novels she was the worst character. Always so weak and easily lead. It was getting to the point of utter ridiculousness. She had no backbone whatsoever and it was getting to the point where I wanted to kill her myself. So when there was a major change in attitude from her in the start of this novel I was more than pleased. This character combined with Gideon/Graeme just made the whole novel worth it. That’s probably the reason why I’m so in love with this novel.

This is a novel where Gideon finally comes out to get Cat. After the whole ordeal with Cat’s adopted father Cat is now by herself all over again. Cat’s been by yourself for many years now, because unlike Honor her spirit left a long time ago. Leaving Cat to fake being Claire all this time. Now that she’s finally free of her so-called father Cat gets to be the person she’s always wanted to be. The Tigress that’s always been a part of her. Not only does she fully embraced this part of her, but she shows others that she’s not hiding anymore. Including Gideon, the one Breed that everyone wants to keep from her. Gideon has been watching over Cat for many years now and has also been pulling her strings too. He’s been influencing everyone around her to help her, not knowing that he’s actually making her life worse. Even if he knew, which he did at times, he still wouldn’t stop. Because he has his little games to play. Games that involve Cat becoming his mate for good. Gideon has waited many years for her and he’s not about to let anything stand in his way. Not even Cat herself.

This novel has proved to me that Lora Leigh has indeed become a better writer and author. I thought that I’d never see the day that she did, but I did. This novel is beyond anything that I expected it to be. It had adventure, excitement, betrayal, lust, and so much more. The plot of this novel was one that I had ever seen before, which is quite a feat itself. It had so many plot twist to it that I couldn’t keep up. I spent all of my free time reading this novel, it was that good. It of course still has the romance to it but that’s to be expected. But this time it had a sense of flair about it. One that kept digging its claws into me. This is a novel that is definitely worth reading. Even though it’s really far into the series, if you can read this far and I would encourage it. Because this is a must-read novel, to help complete the series as a whole.

*Read on January 16th, 2016


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