Darkest Mercy By Melissa Marr

So far I’m not liking this novel at all and there’s no way my mind can be changed. I’m tired of reading about all the problems that Aislinn is having. I’ve done nothing but read about this for the last four novels and I’m glad that I can finally say enough is enough. At this point in time her character just comes off as a whiny, spoiled teenager that doesn’t like to make up her mind. I feel like that’s all I’ve been reading about this whole time. Nothing but her complaining about her life and how it could be different. Honestly, I’m not quite sure why Melissa Marr thought it was a good idea to continue this series focusing on her. If anything it’s bringing down her ratings on the series as a whole.

Thank the Lord I’m finally done with this novel too, because in this novel The Summer King has disappeared. Leaving Aislinn to deal with the aftermath all by herself. Which normally wouldn’t be that bad except for the fact that War is on the loose after murdering a bunch of Dark Court fae. Allies are forming everywhere and it seems that the Summer Court may not have any for the fight to come. However, Keenan isn’t just missing from his court. While he’s out collecting his thoughts he’s also making allies of his own. Because with the upcoming battle coming quicker everyday they’re going to need them. They’re also going to need Niall who has gone insane over the death of Irial. He’s gone so far that he’s destroying his home and the people that are within it. With everyone having issues it’s hard to leave Donia out. Donia is still trying to harden her heart over the fact that Keenan left her for good. She’s trying to do what’s best for her own Court, while also trying to do what’s best for her. However, War is even closer than she appears to be and it may just be the final ending for all of them.

This is thankfully the last installment of this series. As far as being a young adult fantasy novel this one gets it on the spot. However, the plot for this was something that I couldn’t even describe. It really was awful in the worst sense possible. It kept bouncing back and forth from one plot to another, which was just damn confusing. It needs to stay on one character, instead of focusing on all the characters at once. This is what made the novel so hard to read. Which in turn just made it really awful novel. The fact that it took me two weeks to read this one just says something about it. It’s nothing good either, of that I can assure you. I wouldn’t recommend this novel to anyone, because it’s a complete waste of time. You can find a better novel someplace else.

*Read on January 16th, 2016


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