Die For Me By Amy Plum

When I first saw this novel it was the title that stood out to me. I don’t often see titles like this one and it instantly had me intrigued. I haven’t read a young adult novel like this one in a very long time and I must say that it was very refreshing. It brought me back to when I was just a teenager who had a love for all things romantic and paranormal. This novel gave me both of these things, with the added bonus of it also being based in Paris as well. It really is a wonderful novel and I’m glad that I had the forethought to pick it up.

There are two characters that really stood out in this novel, and not be Katie and Vincent. Katie’s parents were suddenly killed in a car crash one day, leaving her and her older sister as orphans. A few weeks after they had passed Katie’s sister announced that they were moving in with their grandparents in Paris. While the change of scenery would do her some good, Katie was still unfortunately in a funk. So when she’s told to go read in a cafe she agrees, but what she didn’t expect was to meet a very handsome man there. Or the fact that she saved from being killed by another stranger as well. Wondering who her savior was and how she knew to help, Katie is left mystified. Her only option left is to just forget about it and move on, so she does just that. She even goes to a museum to see some artwork. Only to run into that handsome man again. Something draws Katie to him and she’s starting to find it hard to resist him. He always seems to be around her whenever she thinks about him. The fact that he saved a mysterious girl and the people with him were sword fighting just intrigues her even more. Even when she is drawn into his world. He’s endangering her in ways that even he couldn’t have seen, and it may just have a few consequences too.

This novel was certainly surprising in more ways than one. It has this flare to it that you usually don’t see in any adult fantasy novels. Maybe it’s because this whole novel revolves around death, which most tend to stay away from. It doesn’t just revolve around the killing form of death, but also the near-death life experiences. The fact that they save people from death is its own personal plot twist. One that I can actually say I’ve never seen before. This novel just leads you through its own personal maze, because it really does have its own agenda. It’s a wonderful telling of a different world that could co-exist with our own. One that I think should be read by anyone that is interested in new things. Because this is certainly something very new that I think you would enjoy.

*Read on January 1st, 2016


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