Enthralled: Merely Mortal By Melissa Marr

I’m not exactly sure why I chose to read this novella. It was quite boring and honestly a complete waste of my time. This can’t even be called a novella because it was all of thirty pages long. Therefore it doesn’t even count. Melissa Marr should have just left the series where it was at. That would have made this a whole lot better for me. Because there’s not much I can say about this to be quite honest. If it was a little bit longer than I suppose I could write more about it. But as it is I’m going to find it extremely difficult to write about it, that’s for sure.

This novella, if it’s even that, features both Donia and Keenan. Donia is more stressed out than she’s ever been before. Not just because she’s worried about her people, but because she’s also worried about Keenan. Keenan is no longer one of the fae. He’s completely mortal and has all the vulnerabilities that go with it. Leaving Donia, a fae Queen, to stress out about not trying to hurt him in anyway. Keenan is more than overjoyed to actually be a part of Donia’s life once and for all. He doesn’t have to worry about his Court’s needs anymore and in the meantime he has Donia all to himself. The only way to have her completely to himself is to go on a vacation with her too. So Donia is now stressing over every little thing Keenan is planning, the only vacation that they’ll ever have together. It’ll be both their first times at it and Keenan feels like it’ll make them grow even closer together. So with all of this in mind Keenan whisk them away to have their own perfect little getaway. Donia is more than happy to do this, because she feels like they need to grow closer as a couple. Now if only Keenan knew how to navigate around the human world. Perhaps if he did things would have turned out differently.

This is the last novella in this series and while it did go with the rest of the series real well, it still sucked majorly. The plot to this novella was very boring and I’m quite honestly not sure what it really was about. I’m assuming it was for them to live happily ever after. If that is the case then Melissa Marr did succeed, but it was still horrible. It’s still a young adult fantasy romance novel, but it still lacks that flare that the other ones did. It was more single-minded in this novella and this time it didn’t work for them. It was dull and a little unimaginative, which is usually never the case. So while it went along with the rest of the novels, it really wasn’t even a part of them. I wouldn’t recommend reading this novella at all to be honest. It just wasn’t that good.

*Read on January 2nd, 2016


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