Fragile Eternity By Melissa Marr

I’m actually reading this novel really late compared to the last one in the series. Considering I started this series back in 2012, it’s very late indeed. As far as this novel goes I wasn’t that impressed with it. It was extremely boring for me, even though the characters weren’t. I wasn’t at all surprised by anything that went on in this novel and this is a great bore for me. I’m not quite sure what Melissa Marr was thinking when writing this novel, but it certainly wasn’t about entertainment. I do understand why she wrote this part though, because to finish the series the story needed to be heard first.

In this novel the main characters that were really focused on were Ash and Seth. Ash is trying to adjust to her new role as the Summer Queen. It’s not proving to be easy for her and it’s putting a strain on her relationships. One of her relationship that is failing is the one that she has a Seth. She’s spending more and more time with her King and even less time with Seth. She at least knows that she’s doing this and is trying to make it better, but it’s getting to the point where less is more. On the days that Ash and Seth don’t spend together Seth is usually spending it with another friend. Whether that friend is a fae or mortal, it doesn’t matter to him. This doesn’t change the fact that he’s going to grow old and die, while Ash stays young forever. This pulls on his mind at all hours of the day, until finally he asks Ash and a few others to change him into a fae. As to be expected they all refused outright. Nobody will do it, because to them it’s the same as being cursed. Only one may actually change him and that’s the one they call the Unchanging Queen. But to do this would be costly and if she refuses, the price is his life.

As far as his novel goes it didn’t make it really high on my list. For a young adult fantasy novel it really is lacking in the fantasy department. The novel just repeated everything we already knew over again. The only difference is that a few changes were made to it. Heck even the plot twist wasn’t much of a twist, because we already knew that it was coming. That’s just how predictable that these novels are starting to become. They’re starting to make me believe that they’re really not worth anything anymore. However, I intend to finish reading the series. Mostly because it’s almost over and I can’t wait for that. Honestly, this novel really isn’t that great. I’m not sure what all the hype was about, that’s for sure. I really wouldn’t recommend that you read this novel, but you can if you want to. We’re all about choices here and who knows, maybe the next reader will like it more than me.

*Read on December 27th, 2015


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