Radiant Shadows By Melissa Marr

I was actually more excited to read this novel than the last one. It was the cover that drew me in, just like with Ink Exchange. It was enticing in a very pleasing way and it just drew me in completely. I did enjoy reading this novel, because the characters had quite a bit of history to them. They were very dramatic in their approaches to each other, while the responses just made it all worthwhile. I honestly didn’t think that I’d like this novel that much, but I did. Which surprised me quite a bit. It was an excellent addition to this series and was very well thought out too.

In this novel we see the reappearance of both Ani and Devlin. After everything that happened with the last ink exchange Ani has become untouchable. But not for her lack of trying. Her father is determined that no fae is good enough for his daughter and threatens to kill anyone that would touch her. This only frustrates Ani to the point of rebellion, because she needs to touch to survive. Ani is a very unique type of halfling, because not only does she get her energy from emotions like the rest of the Dark Court. But she also gets energy from their touch as well. Which makes her a very dangerous person and someone that others would want to kill. This is the same exact reason that Devlin was thrown into her life. Devlin is the Unchanging Queen’s assassin and has always done what his Queen asked of him. Except for the one time that he didn’t kill a little girl. A girl that could end up destroying the Queen herself. For someone that he truly cares for, he does spare the girl’s life and never see her again. Until he goes in search of Seth. The Queen is in a frenzy worrying about him, so she sends Devlin to find him. Only she sends him to Ani also. The child that he didn’t kill for his Queen so long ago.

This is perhaps my second favorite novel from this series. This isn’t really saying much, because as far as the series goes it’s still a bore. This novel is actually better than the last one by far. It focused on different characters this time, which brought back a bit of excitement to the series. The plot had me entranced after the first chapter. It just has so much mystery and wonder to it that it really was hard to ignore. You get so engrossed in the plot that you have to keep reading it, just to see how the damn thing ends. Which is a good thing, considering the last novel wasn’t really that interesting at all. This one was more unexpected and much easier to read too. If you do decide to read this series make sure that this novel makes your list. It’s a keeper that’s for sure.

*Read on December 28th, 2015


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