Rule Breaker By Lora Leigh

This novel really did surprise me in a very delightful way. It went by faster than I thought it would and the plot was actually pretty decent. The first page had me hooked right from the beginning, which was something that I wasn’t expecting. It was full of information and drama that I thought I might actually get my wish. My wish for Lora Leigh to become a better writer. With this chapter, I think she may have actually accomplished this amazing feat. For it certainly amazed me as a reader.

In this novel the main characters are Rule Breaker and Gypsy. A long time ago the enforcers heard that a girl had been kidnapped by rogue coyotes. Rule was one of the enforcers that had gone to help save the girl. Not only because she was in danger, but because her brother help the lives of many Breed’s. The Breeds of own that a huge debt and saving his sister would only cover part of it. Once they found the girl it was already too late. Her brother lay dead outside and a coyote was trying to rape her. Rule shot him without even thinking about it, only to take a good look up the girl and hightail it out of the cavern. Fifteen year old Gypsy had just watched her brother die in front of her. The only person who ever truly cared about her was dead and it was all her fault. Her parents never wanted her and now they can’t stand to look at her. Because in their eyes she killed their precious son. To fight for her brother’s sacrifice Gypsy becomes the spy known as Whisper, for the Unknown. While to everyone else is just another party girl looking for her next lay. It’s because of her work as a spy that she’s being sought out by the Breeds. She may have information as to what can cure Amber and save her life. However, nobody can prove that it is Gypsy that’s the spy, so they send in Rule to figure it out once and for all.

As far as this series has gone I must say that I’m very impressed with this novel. This is the perfect example of an adult fantasy romance novel. It has all the aspects to it that it really needs. Added to it was the fact that it’s full of action, adventure, and drama that it makes everyone giddy with excitement. If that doesn’t then the plot surely will. It has so many twists to it that it’s unreal. As soon as I finally figured out one thing another would pop right into its place. This made for a very interesting read. One that I actually wouldn’t mind reading over again if at all possible. That’s just how much I actually liked this novel. It’s one of the best that Lora Leigh has written, so far and it’s one that I would recommend you read. Especially if you’ve gotten very far and this year is like I have.

*Read on January 1st, 2016


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