Until I Die By Amy Plum

The ending of this novel pissed me off a whole lot. I mean seriously, you can’t just leave a plot hanging like that and not expect people to get angry. I’m just happy that I happened to have the third novel with me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been a very happy camper at all. As it is I’m already not a happy camper. However, I must admit that it was quite a cliffhanger. It makes the reader want to read even more, even though there’s nothing left to read.

In this novel Katie and Vincent have gotten even closer than ever. Now that Lucien is gone Vincent doesn’t have to worry about looking over his shoulder for him anymore. However, there is the fact that now Numi have no leader and that someone has to take his place. This has set all of the Revelants on high alert, which means that Katie is going nowhere by herself. They don’t want anything to happen to Katie, and since she helped to kill Lucien they fear the worst. She may become a target to them and the Revelants don’t want that to happen. To help with this situation they even brought in two specialist to help solve the problem, Arthur and Violette. They’re two of the oldest living Revelants still alive and I know quite a bit about their history. A history that could very well be repeating itself over again. So now Katie has even more bodyguards than she did before and even less time with Vincent. Something that she hopes to ramify if she can. However, Vincent is starting to keep secrets from her. Secrets that bring him home looking like death warmed over. He’s becoming weaker and he’s gone almost every chance that he can get. Their friends are even keeping his secret from Katie and she’s starting to get worried. So while Vincent is off doing whatever it is he’s doing, Katie is looking for her own peace of mind. Something that will hopefully save them both if it can.

This really is a fantastic an adult novel. It has romance, mystery, and deceit all in one perfect package. It’s everything you could ever hope for in a novel. It keeps you going to the very end, and even then it still doesn’t let you go. This is because Amy Plum has a way with plot twists. The one that she created for this novel was so beautifully, that I was pissed when it ended. Things like this are hard to find in a novel, and when it is found it should be appreciated properly. That’s what makes Amy Plum such a good author r. She knows how to respond to that appreciation and gives it back to the readers. So as far as my recommendation goes, I feel like its safe to say that you can read this novel. It’s a perfect installment to an already perfect series.

*Read on January 19th, 2016


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