If I Should Die By Amy Plum

Out of the whole trilogy I must say that this was my favorite novel. Even if I did see part of the plots coming from a mile away, I still found the whole thing to be quite enjoyable. It’s not always the mystery that we tend to enjoy, but the fact that we know what’s coming. Sometimes knowing what’s going to happen and actually having it confirmed for you is the best feeling in the world. Because we knew that was going to happen and the author must have felt the same way at some point. That’s what made this novel as exciting as it was.

In this novel Vincent is dead, but his soul is still free. Violette succeeded in burning his body, so that she could trap his spirit, and trap it she did. While she did trap his spirit to her, somehow the spell she used went wrong. This means that he’s still doing her bidding and he’s still doing it against the people that he loves. But now there’s a big problem, because Vincent isn’t the Champion that they all thought he was. He’s been sent back to his friends and family to let them know about what Violette wants from them. Which is the Champion of the Revelants. However, without knowing who that is there’s nothing that they can do about it. Or would do for that matter. So while they have Vincent’s spirit with them Katie and the team are trying to find a way to save him. Katie thinks that she’s found a way, but to do it would mean traveling to the United States. There’s someone there that could help them and he could be their only chance. So while they’re all trying to figure the spell out in time, Vincent is still having to report back to Violette. So time is running out and it’s not in their favor. While all of this is going on Violette is on her own way to finding the Champion. Not only does she think that she knows who’s the Champion is, but she has a plan to capture them. By doing the only thing that she knows how to do. She threatens to kill someone that Katie loves dearly.

This novel is an excellent example of a young adult romance novel with action in it. That’s really all it’s been throughout the whole series, but this novel is the one that really tops them. It has an edgy feel to it that couldn’t quite be picked up in the last two. This adds to the feeling of the plot, and the twist that is within it. The plot of this novel is what made this novel so good in my opinion. It leaves the readers on a hunt for more, while leaving clues in plain sight. It was up to the reader on whether or not they got the hint. This only made the novel more exciting, with more than a little bit of anticipation in the mix. It’s a novel that fits this series perfectly. With all of this already said I’d like to recommend to anyone who loves a good young adult novel to pick this series up. It’s definitely worth your time and you wouldn’t be disappointed either.

*Read on January 20th, 2016


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