Low Midnight By Carrie Vaughn

This novel actually has Cormac as the star in it. He’s not only the main focus, but he’s the main character throughout it all as well. This made for a rather interesting read, because while Cormac has featured in quite a few novels, he has yet to star in one. It was a pretty exciting read because of this. And while I do hate to admit it it’s the only reason this novel is so exciting. It barely even brought anything new to the table whatsoever. Which just makes a novel boring, even when it has a good plot to it.

In this novel Cormac and his ghost partner Amelia go back to the place where Amelia was murdered. Amelia had been caught trying to cast a spell on a dead body and was preceded to be hung by the neck until dead. Before her last moments alive she cast a spell on herself to keep her spirit Earthbound. It not only worked, but it also helped her become attached to Cormac. Cormac and Amelia are stuck together for as long as Cormac will allow it and they’re both trying to make the best of it. So now that Cormac is no longer on parole they’ve both decided to go back to where it all started. Cormac has decided to help Ben and Kitty out in their search for more information on Roman. This search has led them to the Colorado, we’re the only two people who can help him have decided to give him an almost impossible task to complete. They want him to find out what magic was used to kill a man many years ago. They believe that someone may try to use this magic to do harm on others, and they want it stopped. So now Cormac and Amelia must try to solve a mystery that nobody’s been able to solve for over a hundred years. This proves to be a tough case to crack, because not only are they trying to solve it. But others are as well and not everyone is happy to see Cormac again.

For being the first in an urban fantasy series, this novel wasn’t that bad. I know that this isn’t the very first novel, but it’s the first novel that features Cormac as the main character. The plots of this novel differs from the others in the series, but only slightly. This one is more focused on Cormac than the others were. Which actually was the right choice, because it made them all the more exciting. This novel gives the readers more information on a character that they found intriguing. It explains a lot about him and what went on in his life. It also tells the reader how he became the person that he was today. That’s what makes this novel different from the others. The plot just points to a different area this time. So as far as my recommendation goes I’d say that this novel belongs with the others. It’s a good installment that makes a lot more sense than you think. I think that it’s also an important novel to read before finishing the rest of this series as well.

*Read on February 3rd, 2016


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