Reap The Wind By Karen Chance

All of the novels in this series take me a very long time to read. Not because they’re awful and boring, but because they’re just jam-packed full of information and I don’t want to miss any of it. That’s what makes these novels so good for the readers. Now usually novels like this aren’t worth reading, but with this series it truly is. The novels and the characters within them pull at you and make you want to read more of it. The scenes themselves seem to come alive and with it the plot to the story. That’s why it took me so long to read this novel, because I was interested in it for so long that I didn’t want to let it go. Which goes right along with the novel, because Cassie can’t seem to let Pritkin go either.

After Cassie went all the way into the demon realm to get Pritkin, she condemned him once he got back. The Demon Council put a curse on him, so that it makes it seem as though he’d never been born. In fact, the curse actually erases him from the history line all together, making it to where he actually was never born. Now Cassie has to go back in time and hope that she can get him back. However, to add insult to injury Pritkin’s demon father is tagging along too, which doesn’t make either of them very happy. They were already trying to kill each other and working together doesn’t help any. So when Cassie takes them back the farthest that she’s ever been, she of course gets stuck there alone. Cassie was told to stay put, because she’s weak, but she does everything but that. While in the process of disobeying Pritkin’s dad she accidentally stumbles upon Pritkin herself. Pritkin is in the time of King Arthur and doesn’t remember who she is. Most likely due to the fact that he’s never seen her before that day. All that Pritkin sees is a naked woman next to him on the river bank, which does more than a little to intrigue him. He would have been even more interested if it wasn’t for the fae attacking them at the time.

This was a rather interesting adult urban fantasy novel. There were quite a few things mixed into this story and at times it was rather confusing. There was so many details flying by that it’s hard to grasp at times. The details are all very important to the plot, because they help to weave the story together. The story itself is actually pretty amazing to be honest. With all the details and how fast pace this novel is you’d think otherwise. You’d think that it’s a complicated novel that really doesn’t need to be read at all, while in fact you’d be completely wrong. If you’ve read any of Karen Chance’s novels then you know that they’re all like this. That’s what makes her unique among many others. So if you’re waiting to read this novel I highly recommend it to you. It’s something unique in an ocean of originals.

*Read on February 11th, 2016

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