The Bane Chronicles By Cassandra Clare

I truly do love Cassandra Clare’s novels and this one was no exception. I fell in love with her City of Bones series before they actually became popular and I haven’t turned away sense. Even this novel, which is just a series of short stories, is just as good as a real one. It’s quite possible that this is only because it’s a novel about one of my favorite characters and his ridiculous Adventures. Nonetheless, it’s one that I’m thankful to have read, because it provides even more information to the other serious. Because Magnus Bane is the main character in this novel and he, quite literally, has done just about anything he can put his mind to.

In this novel everything that can’t be explained throughout the other series all begins to make sense now. Magnus is the main character throughout the whole novel and it shows all the different sides to him that we’ve never seen. In one of these novellas Magnus is on a trip through Spain. A trip that proves to be a great adventure. He was chased by monkeys, made a pirate, and has even seen painted ruins drunk, while flying on a magic carpet. It was such a grand time that he’s been forever banned from Spain. Another one involved a handsome man in Marie Antoinette’s time. He of course helps the handsome man out, because he has a “good heart”. Alas, in the end some things just aren’t meant to be and that was just one of those times. In a different one he’s in a meeting with the Shadowhunters. Of course during his time there he was distracted by one of the boys in the home. One that shines like a golden angel. But of course, they had yet again made it to where it wasn’t meant to be. Towards the end of this novel there was a story of how Raphael actually came to be a vampire. It involves Magnus to the highest degree, but Magnus always did enjoy an adventure when it suits him.

This novel is actually eleven novellas on Magnus Bane all crammed into one package. They all have different plots to them and different ways in which these plots could be interpreted. This makes for a very interesting young adult novel. Because this is without a doubt a young adult fantasy, romance, and adventure novel. One that has certainly never been seen before. It’s not every day that you see a novel filled with short stories from a certain series. It’s even stranger to see one that has the same main character in each one. That’s why it was so surprising to see and even more interesting to read. It’s a novel unlike any other and it’s one that will certainly be enjoyed. So with all of that being said, if your fan of Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones series or A Clockwork Angel series, then you’ll definitely be a fan of this novel too. It’s one of those rare ones that’s a lot of fun to read and you won’t be disappointed by it.

*Read on February 4th, 2016


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