Winter By Marissa Meyer

I find it extremely amusing the title of these novels are based upon the new characters names. I never really got this until the third novel, which must say something about my intelligence. This was a very good conclusion to the series and I for one am very glad that I got to read it. It’s a different take on all of the fairy tales that we were told as children. They’re all combined into one series and it went surprisingly well actually. I think we’re all a little shocked on how well this series actually did turn out. Especially this last novel, which concluded the whole thing.

In this novel the focus is mainly on Princess Winter and her evil stepmother. Winter isn’t a princess by blood, but my marriage. One that she wishes her father never had. Her stepmother has always been jealous of her beauty and because of this jealousy she’s been disfigured. In a fit of rage the Queen forced Winter to scar her face for life. This has never bothered Winter at all, because unlike others around her she doesn’t use her powers. However, by not using her powers she’s also causing a sickness to fall upon her. One that turns her insane at times. When she needs to try and stay sane for the sake of the kingdom she usually isn’t. Winter is helping Cinder on her own revolution, because the kingdom can survive with the queen in power anymore. She believes that Cinder is the rightful heir and her childhood friend that she never forgot. Because of this she’d do anything for her, even if it means risking her own life. Because that’s what she does when she tries to help out Scarlett. Scarlet has been kept in a cage and put on display for people around her. This bothers her because she sees Scarlet as a friend now and she do anything for her friends. However, now she’s in danger from the Queen herself. Now the Queen is starting to feel threatened by Winter and the only way to make sure that she’s not in her way would be because she’s dead.

I must say that I was actually skeptical of this novel at first, but I now see what a wonderful installment that novel actually was. This young adult novel put a spin on a fairy tale that we all know and love, Snow White. The details in this novel all point to it, as does the plot. It even shows the readers some of the characteristics that the main characters portrayed. This novel is just one of the many novels in this series and they all portray a certain fairy tale. That’s what makes this such a spectacular young adult, urban fantasy novel, with a bit of romance in it of course. They all have that certain quality to them that readers enjoy and this one is no different. It’s a wonderful novel, and it has an amazing ending that you’ll want to see. This makes my recommendation easier on me, because it is a must-read novel. It’s one that you wouldn’t be able to forget anytime soon, so go ahead and read it.

*Read on January 28th, 2016


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