Moonlight on Nightingale Way By Samantha Young

This novel had a rather interesting take on romance that’s for sure. I haven’t been surprised by a novel in a long time and somehow this one surprised me. It could be the fact that it came up with a plot twist very early on. Or perhaps it’s what came after the plot twist that had me all shocked. Well, whatever the case it was it didn’t matter, because this novel is one of a kind. For those of you who’ve already read it, you probably know what I mean. It’s one that is most definitely worth the time to read.

This series continues with Logan, who we’ve heard of before, and the ever enlightening Grace. All Grace wants in her life is to be a successful book editor, have one good date, and to actually get some sleep at night. Actually getting any sleep seems to be the hardest thing to accomplish ever since her new neighbor moved in. He’s done nothing but bring by girl after girl for days now, and it’s starting to get on Grace’s nerves. The fact that she has to dodge puke and knickers in her hallway every morning is the last straw. While Grace and Logan are arguing in the middle of the hallway a girl interrupts them. Once she has their undivided attention she announces that she’s Logan’s long-lost daughter. Grace doesn’t even know who’s more surprised, her or Logan. In the middle of having a panic attack himself Logan asked Grace to stay and help him drive the girl home. Seeing the both of them are scared witless Grace agrees. It’s once they reach the girl’s home that they finally discovered the real reason as to why his daughter came for him. Because it’s very true that she is Logan’s daughter. In even more shock now Logan and Grace take the girl out of the situation that she’s put in and bring her to Grace’s apartment. Now she’s living with Grace, until Logan can get the proof he needs for the court. Because one thing is for sure, his daughter isn’t going back to her mother anytime soon.

The latest novel by Samantha Young can only be classified as a romance novel. One that hasn’t been read before, and if it was, not often. This is one of those romances that doesn’t always start out as a romance. It starts out as hate or dislike and then turns into something more. Which is how a lot of story plots go, but in this case it was different. The twist came early on in the novel and it didn’t disappoint either. Even though it was early the plot went along quite smoothly. There wasn’t that many bumpy roads to be found and when there was found it went along quite well. The recommendation that I’m going to give is the one that I always give Samantha Young’s novels. That it’s a must-read that you won’t be able to put down.

*Read on February 13th, 2016


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