Night’s Honor By Thea Harrison

I’m actually rather surprised that I read this novel in just under six hours. Thea Harrison is a good writer and a great author, but this novel stepped away from the others in this series. That’s why I’m so surprised that I rather enjoyed it. When a series like this is continued I usually only like them if they characters stay on point. Meaning that they played an important role in the last few novels. Otherwise I get bored of them quickly. However, that wasn’t the case with this one, and I for one am not bored. This novel revolves around the vampyres and the Nightkind. Which, more than little, involves Tess and a powerful vampyre spy Xavier.

Tess is being hunted. Hunted by a powerful being that should have never been messed with. Because the person who’s hunting her is a dingi, who used to be her former boss. Now she’s on the run and there’s only so many places left for her to hide. So in a last-ditch effort she goes to the vampyres to see if she could be their servant. This is her only hope of surviving and because she’s run out of hope she says what’s on her mind too. This not only gets her noticed, but she’s noticed by a powerful vampyre too. Xavier has lived a very long time and all that time he’s made friends with the Vampyre King. He’s intrigued by what Tess has to say about herself and has even requested an interview with her. After speaking to her for a short while he’s decided to offer her a job as his personal servant. He gives her till sundown the next day to think about it. Even when Tess thinks about it she knows that she has no other choice and take the job. She’s heard all about the vampyres and what they’ll do to her, so she treads carefully. However, nothing is as it seems with Xavier. He’s not your typical vampyre and he has rules that must be followed. The one rule above all else that Tess needs to follow and she just can’t seem to do. Which is always do as she’s told.

This is a great example of an adult romance novel. Granted it did have a bit of action in there, but overall it was a romance novel. One that just happen to be in the urban fantasy category, which only made it better. Between that and the plot for this novel, and you get a very happy reader. The plot was pretty much expected, but it did have its moments where it surprised me. That made it more enjoyable to read, because it didn’t go as I thought it would. The fight scenes in this novel also helped with this. They were scattered around here and there, so it kept the reader hooked in at all times. Perhaps that’s what made the novel so compelling and easy to read. So my recommendation for this novel is quite easy itself. If you haven’t read this novel then I suggest you do. That goes double for the series itself.

*Read on February 11th, 2016


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