Throne Of Glass By Sarah J. Maas

The only reason I even picked this novel up was because it was recommended to me by a few others. To me it didn’t seem like the type of novel that I’d be interested in, but I was wrong on all accounts. This novel is something new entirely and I was quite amazed to read. It both thrilled me and delighted me with its tales and the characters within them. I loved this novel so much that I could hardly put it down. It’s just one of those novels that really surprised me and I’m thankful to have read it.

In this novel the heroine would be Celaena, a known assassin that nobody can ever forget. When Celaena was a young girl she was taken under the wing of one of the greatest known assassins of all times. He had seen something in her that he thought had potential. And being that she was an orphan she had no other choice. Not long after her training Celaena started to make a name for herself. She became one of the best assassins that the country had and was until she got caught. Not wanting something so valuable to go to waste the King had Celaena sent to the Endovier salt mines. A place that’s even worse than death itself. Celaena is there for over a year before she’s taken before the Prince himself. The prince has placed a wager and has chosen Celaena as his champion. She’s now made to dress as somebody else and to even pretend to be somebody else. All in hopes of convincing the other champions that she’s not important. This is a task that Celaena has a hard time doing, because she wants to be herself, and not the Prince’s puppet. However, everything comes with a price and for Celaena that price is her own freedom. A price that even she’s willing to pay. To gain her freedom she must beat all the other champions and become the King’s personal assassin. If she does all of this for a few years then her freedom is secure. However, if she fails death is sure to follow her.

This young adult novel is very different from the rest of them. It has the Hunger Games aspect to it, but without the dystopian feel to it. More likely than not, the plot is supposed to have a medieval feel to it. Set so that it’s still a fantasy novel, but also set in a way that one would wonder if it could have happened. It’s a novel full of action, adventure, and even a bit of romance itself. It’s one that held my attention for a very long time, even after I was done reading it. A novel that can accomplish that feat should at least have a few reviewers pondering. As well as it should, because this novel needs to be pondered. I highly recommend that anyone who loves The Hunger Games to give this novel a try. There’s a very good reason as to why everyone seems to be reading this novel.

*Read on February 14th, 2016


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