Autumn Moon By Jan Delima

This was a very excellent novel to read. It had drama in all the right places and left me wanting more. Which brings me back to something that I dislike. I’m not a big fan of how this series has abruptly ended. I want more from this series and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any more from it at all. This just feels like the ultimate betrayal, because this novel was so good. It seems like a shame that it would be so great and just end up leaving us hanging like this.

In this novel we see the spark between Elen and Cormac start to rise. Elen is quite used to being the black sheep in her pack. Everyone is afraid of the powers that she can weld and those who aren’t afraid are starting to get there. Because of the new developments that she’s had recently, nobody even comes to the clinic anymore. Not unless they’re already close to dying. Which still doesn’t bring them any closer to her. Everyone except for Cormac that is. Ever since Elen fully healed Cormac all the way he’s been avoiding her. Not because he’s afraid of her, but because he wants to learn how to be a man first. He’s been in love with Elen ever since he met her and that’s never fully gone away. So to become the man that he wants himself to be he went away. But now he’s back and ready to be in Elen’s life all the way. However, someone else is starting to think the very same thing. Pendaran has taken a shining to Elen, but mostly to the power that she possesses. He’s ready to do whatever it takes to bring her under his control and he won’t even stop if it means killing somebody. Which is what he’s ready to resort to when Elen starts to refuse him. Elen can’t just flat out refused Pendaran without some consequences, but she’s about at her wit’s end. She doesn’t want to be anywhere near Pendaran, but she needs to be near him to defeat him. Which is what it’s going to come out to when she’s kidnapped.

This novel is the same as the last two in this series. It was also found in the fantasy section, but could be seen as a romance novel as well. In fact this novel has more romance in it then the last two did. It was just non-stop romance straight from the start. But to be fair the last two novels really did set this one up to be that way. The plot of this novel has just kept expanding until it’s finally just let loose. That’s just how the author seems to want it. Which isn’t a bad thing, because it turned out so well. A lot of novels are like this and they all mostly turn out this way. It’s the anticipation that gets us all in the end of things though. So as far as my recommendation for this novel goes, I do recommend that you read this one. Because if you’ve read the last two then you’ll already be dying to read this one as well.


*Read on March 29th, 2016

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