Breakable By Tammara Webber

I actually wasn’t quite sure about whether or not I should read this novel. Since it’s a spin-off of the first one there’s always that chance that it won’t be as realistic. In this case it was also a retelling of the first novel, but from a different point of view. I usually steer clear of this sort of thing and after reading it I think I’m right. But by no means am I saying that I hated this novel or that it was a bore. It was not that and I actually enjoyed reading parts of it. My thoughts are that it’s generally better to stick to one point of view when faced with this type of scenario. This novel still has those rape scenes and the conflicts after they occur in it. This just makes it a slightly depressing novel with hardened characters. But by no means is this a horrible novel, it’s truly not that.

This novel features the same characters, but it’s from Lucas his point of view. Lucas has a horrible past and he relives it every day. When he was younger a family friend broke into their house and then proceeded to rape and kill his mother. The attacker then turned the gun on himself. All the while Lucas was tied to a kitchen chair. He had struggled so hard that the rope left permanent scars on his wrist. Lucas has never been the same again, nor does he want to be. Determined to not let anything else meet his mother’s fate Lucas took it upon himself to teach women self-defense. So when he hears Jacqueline scream he doesn’t even stop to pause. The truth is that Lucas has been fascinated by Jacqueline ever since he first laid eyes on her. She’s such a carefree and spirited woman, and that’s what draws him to her. After her attack happened Lucas insist on taking her home. He wants to make sure that she’s not followed by the man who attacked her. However, after he sees her safely home he’s positive that she’ll never notice him again. But fate just may have other plans in mind for him after all.

This novel is also considered an adult romance novel, when I still believe that it should be a young adult novel. Or should at the very least be offered in both sections. This novel runs out toward a similar pattern, like in the first one. The twist to it is that it’s from Lucas his point of view. Which is still considered a twist in the plot. This novel did have the tendency to bounce back and forth between the past and the future. Which in turn made it harder to understand at times. However, because of this we did get the background information to better understand the situation. As far as my recommendation goes for this novel I’d say that it’s not entirely essential. You don’t have to read it to understand the next in the series. It’s more of a filler for the first novel in the series and doesn’t need to be read unless you want to.


*Read on September 16th, 2015

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