Celtic Moon By Jan DeLima

For the start of a werewolf series I was actually rather impressed with this novel. It wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill werewolf novel. They had a history behind it. A history that was brought to light many different times, and it was enjoyed very much. It’s one of those novels that’s not like the rest. It has its own story to tell and its own way of telling it. By doing this it hooks you in, until all you want to do is finish it and find out more. By the end of this novel it be wise to have the second one nearby, because you definitely want to read it too.

In this novel the main characters are Sophie and Dylan. Sophie’s been on the run for the last fifteen years. Ever since she found out that her husband was a monster and that he’d never let go of their child. Their unborn child that she had to run away with too. Because the pack didn’t want her and her husband wanted to take her child away from her. However, that doesn’t stop her from running away from him or from his pack, who had started to attack her. She’s never even thought about looking back in the last fifteen years, until now that is. Something is going on with Josh, her son, and it’s something that she can’t take care of. The only people who she thinks can help him are the ones that she’s been running away from. Josh’s father Dylan. Dylan has never once regretted what he had told Sophie, or what he had showed her. What he did regret is that he let her get away with his child. He hasn’t heard from her since that fateful night and neither has anyone else. Until, he suddenly gets a call from her saying that their son is in trouble. If what Sophie is saying is even remotely true, then the only way to save him would be for her to bring him home. A thing that Sophie has promised to never do, but for her son’s sake she would. Now all she has to do is walk back into the very place that attacked her in the first place.

This was in the fantasy section of Barnes & Nobles, but I feel like it could have been in the romance section as well. It really did have both of those aspects in it most of the time, throughout the whole novel. It’s a story of shapeshifters, so the fantasy was mostly the same as all of the others. Especially, since they can only shift into wolves. Which makes it seem like a werewolf series. However, it’s a plot twist because of how the romance and the story goes. In this novel the main characters are older and already have a teenage son. Usually, the romance starts out when they’re younger and ends up with them having a child. Which in turn puts an interesting twist on things. So as far as my recommendation goes I’d say try this novel out. It’s a fresh take on a story plot that’s been told a hundred times. But it surely doesn’t disappoint at all.


*Read on March 6th, 2016

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