Easy By Tammara Webber

The first time that I saw this novel I knew that I had to read it. My thought was confirmed after I read this novel. It’s one unlike any that I’ve ever read before. There’s no romantic passion that’s usually so evident in romantic novels. It’s more about the pain, misery and complications that life can bring. It gives out “what if” scenarios and you start to wonder if it could actually happen to you. This novel is about the cause and effects of rape and substantial rape. It’s about the simple lives that we live and how one event can change a person in one day. This novel is so good that I read it in a mere matter of hours. It’s a hauntingly beautiful novel that I believe all young adults should read. No matter what gender, age, or race they are.

In this novel the two main characters are Jacqueline and Lucas. Jacqueline is just like any other college student. She has a great boyfriend, many friends, and even has good grades to boot. There’s nothing more that she could ask for in life. That is, until her boyfriend dumps her and she loses her self-esteem. Now Jacqueline is starting to do badly in her classes and has even started skipping a few of them. To help cheer her up a few of her friends decide to take her to a party. Wanting to feel more like her old self Jacqueline puts her whole heart into it. However, to her it’s just another party that her ex-boyfriend is at and one that she doesn’t really enjoy. So to save herself from any more pain she decides to leave by herself. Not knowing that it’d be the worst mistake that she’d ever make. Because as she’s leaving the party she’s attacked by someone that she knows. Lucas is leaving the same party and hears her scream. Doing the only thing that he knows to do, he grabs her attacker and chases him away. After the attack Lucas walks her home and leaves. All that Jacqueline can think about now is Lucas and she thinks that she’ll never see him again. Until she does see him again, because he’s in one of her classes.

This novel can be considered a young adult novel, but in reality it’s actually an adult romance novel. While we do see the romance in this situation that was created it wasn’t enough to actually consider it a romance novel. Then again the author could consider otherwise and say that it was meant as a romance novel all of them. The plot to the story it’s really quite something. It doesn’t twist and turn on you like in some romance novels. It leads you into the direction that it wants to go. Making it quite clear to the reader on what’s about to come next. However, even if this is the case it doesn’t deter you from the plot. As far as my recommendation goes I extremely recommend that you read this novel. It’s certainly one of a kind and it’s one that I won’t forget about anytime soon.


*Read on March 23rd, 2013

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