Hero By Samantha Young

I must say that I rather enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would. I’ve always been a big fan of Samantha Young, which is no big secret. However, I was rightfully concerned when I learned that this was in fact a stand-alone novel. I’ve never read a novel of hers that wasn’t part of a series, so therefore I had no idea how to act. Having read it I can say without a doubt in my mind that this is one of the best romance novels I’ve read by far. It’s so dark and dangerous at times that I kept forgetting that it was indeed a romance novel. Perhaps that’s why I took such a strong liking to it.

In this novel a distraught Alexa has return to work after a much-needed vacation. Her mother had passed away quite recently and during a photo shoot for mother’s day Alexa broke down in front of clients. After her episode her boss suggested that she take a break and then come back. Now having taken her break Alexa is back and believes that she’s better than ever. Of course that’s before she learned that the photo shoot would be covering one Caine Carraway. A self-made businessman that is ruthless and gets whatever he wants. One that causes Alexa to have another mental breakdown, because Alexa knows something that Caine doesn’t. Alexis is the daughter of the man that killed his mother and if he finds this out then there’d be no turning back. So of course once she’s been cornered by him she tells him the truth, which causes him to walk out on the shoot and leave her fired. But it gets even worse, because not only has she been fired, she’s been blacklisted as well. Which is worse than being fired on all accounts. With no other hope of making it back into the industry she goes to Caine for help. Knowing that she will more likely than be thrown out. However, that’s not the case. Because it just so happens that Caine is in need of a new PA and with nowhere else to turn to Alexa has to take the job. Knowing all too well that all Caine wants to do is make her life as miserable as possible.

This novel is one hundred percent without a doubt a pure romance novel. One that is both captivating and alluring all at the same time. It’s actually so captivating that you won’t want to put it down. That’s just how well written the plot actually is. It hooks you in with the first chapter, drawing you in until you want more and more of it. The plot was easy to read through at times, but what plot isn’t. It was the parts of it that couldn’t be read so fast that made it what it is. Which is a romance novel that keeps us guessing. One that readers will love in a heartbeat. I highly recommend that anyone interested in romance novels read this one. It’s quite a treat and a delight to read.


*Read on March 3rd, 2016

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