Into The Fire By Ashelyn Drake

Alright, so this novel was not what I expected it to be whatsoever. First off, I was led to believe that this was a stand-alone novel. Secondly, I was mistaken into thinking that this was an actual novel. Which it wasn’t because novels are longer and has better plots to them. Originally this novel held some promise, which is why I chose to read it. However, after actually reading the whole novel I came to realize that it honestly has nothing going for it. I found it a little boring and it made me more than a little uninterested. I actually had to force myself to finish reading it, that’s how boring it was.

In this novel we meet Cara and Logan. Cara is one of the many phoenixes that are in hiding. She’s been trying to hide away from the hunters, because of what she can become. Cara isn’t yet a true phoenix, and she won’t be until her first rebirth. Which isn’t too far away if her growing heat is anything to judge by. But until that time she has to help her younger brother Jeremy, who just went through his rebirth. After a rebirth they don’t remember anything, not even their own family. So to help them after the process one phoenix is always around until they’re ready to rejoin the world again. After witnessing Jeremy go through his rebirth Cara is an emotional wreck, so she drives out to the falls. Where she then meets a mysteriously good-looking Logan. Logan and his father had just moved to town and Logan already hates it. He’s upset with his father for moving after his mother died, because it was her dream to move. So to get rid of some of his anger he decides to go to the falls. When he meets Cara there his whole perspective on things changes. He decides to give the rinky-dink town a chance, if only for her. However, this could either be a good thing or bad thing. Because the thing is that Cara accidentally imprinted on Logan. Which isn’t a good thing since the rest of her family thinks he’s a hunter.

As far as I can tell this is supposed to be a young adult/urban fantasy novel. While it does have all of those aspects it fails in one. That one being the plot itself. There really wasn’t a plot for this novel at all. If there was I would gladly let someone point it out to me, because as of right now it’s non-existent. So since I couldn’t find one I’d say that this makes a very poorly thought-out novel. I feel that the author could have done better if she had only planned it out better. However, with all of this being said I will say that the cover of this novel was quite excellent. It catches the eye and draws you in for a peek. But by no means does this change my review, because I highly recommend that you don’t read this novel. There are better novels out there that deserve your time, because this one certainly doesn’t.


*Read on February 24th, 2016

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