Summer Moon By Jan DeLima

This is quite an entertaining novel to read. I still love the fact that everyone is Celtic, because it adds a certain flare to the mixture. I don’t read a lot of novels based on Celtic ancestors, so when I do I tend to pay close attention to them. This novel has a wonderful historical type background to it. It drew me in, even when I already knew how the plot would go. And trust me, with this type of novel there’s only one direction that it’d lead to. Which is where most romance novels do end up going.

In this novel the main characters are Rosa and Luc. For the whole her whole life Rosa has been nothing but a trophy and a pawn. As the last female to ever be known to shift she’s someone that’s highly sought-after. Every available Guardian wants her, and to keep her under their rule she was given to a cruel Guardian. He abused her emotionally and her servants/friends physically. So when her husband is killed the Guardians make terrible plans for her. Resulting in Rosa finally putting her foot down and seeking out the Beast. Luc has been called the Beast for all of his long life. It’s a title that he’ll always carry, but that he doesn’t fret over anymore. Nothing has ever really fazed him much, but he does get quite a surprise when a woman ask for his help. For Rosa’s plan to work properly she’s going to need Luc’s help, so she’s made him a deal. If he becomes her other half then he’d be free to be the Alpha that he is. Plus he’d have his own territory to go with it. This is something that Luc has always wanted, and even though he loves his family dearly he has no choice but to take it. However, there’s a catch to this deal. Rosa isn’t looking for permanent mate and has made this quite clear to Luc. She doesn’t trust a male when it comes to her well-being. However, Luke wants her and he just might do anything to have her.

This novel is a lot like the first one in this series. I found it in the fantasy section, when it could have also been in the romance section. Which doesn’t deviate from the plot to the story. Which is a bit different from the usual plot that would go with this novel. Instead of the hero going to rescue the damsel in distress the damsel goes to the hero. Which is quite the twist itself considering it’s always the other way around. It provides an edgy feel to it when the novel really starts to get interesting. Which is quite the accomplishment for Jan DeLima. So for my recommendation I’d say that this novel is a definite must-read. It has a lot of character to it that you just don’t see in novels anymore, and it’s one that I certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on.


*Read on March 8th, 2016

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