The Beautiful Ashes By Jeaniene Frost

This was not the type of novel that I thought I’d read. Jeaniene Frost has blown me away with her new novel on angels and demons. Not only do they exist, but vampires, ghouls, etc.., don’t even exist at all. And considering her last two series it’s the last thing that I would have expected. But it works wonders for this novel and made me love it even more. It’s something new and fresh that last for a good long while. Hell, it even stayed with me a few days after I read it. Which is what a good novel is supposed to do, but that rarely ever happens. That’s why this novel was such a success for me, because it broke all of the boundaries and then some.

In this novel the main character is Ivy. Ivy has seen things all of her life. Things that she can’t explain and when she tries they call her crazy. The only people who have stood by her and believed her is her family. So when her sister is kidnapped she’s all Ivy can think about. However, it gets worse because when her parents went to look for her they were both killed. This makes Ivy even more suspicious than she already was and leaves her with only one thing left to do. She’s now on her own when it comes to looking for a sister and nothing is going to stop her. Especially a little old lady that tries to bash her head in at a B&B. That should have been her first clue that something wasn’t right. The second clue was when Adrian, a perfect stranger, showed up at her motel room randomly. He claims that she’s important and needs to come with him to survive. After proving his point Ivy goes with him thinking that it’s a good idea. Only by going with him she is learning something that’s very important to herself. She’s not actually crazy and the things that she’s been seeing are parts of the demon realm. The only reason that she can even see them is because she’s the last Davidian of her line. She’s supposed to help the angels by shoving the demons back where they belong. Which is why they’re trying to kill her now that they know all about her. So now Adrian is protecting Ivy with his life, because he wants something too. He wants her to kill all the demons for him, because he can’t do it.

You’d find this novel in the romance section of any bookstore. However, I believe that it should be found in fantasy and syfy sections as well. This novel has a story plot that’s a lot to take in at times. There were a bunch of twists and turns to the plot that made the novel even more exciting. It’s already an exciting novel though, because the author of these novels makes them so. So to find out it’s an action-packed, ass kicking, adventure novel just blows it up even more. It’s something new that sounds completely old all at the same time. So as far as my recommendation goes I’d say that it’s one that you don’t want to miss. Especially, if you’re a fan of Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series.


*Read on March 4th, 2016

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