The Glass Arrow By Kristen Simmons

This novel really upset me. Mostly because I forgot that it was a stand-alone novel. Which is completely my fault, but I refuse to let that deter me. This was one of the best novels that I’ve read in a very long time and I didn’t want to give it up. That’s how hooked I was to this novel, so when it came to the end I was very upset. I didn’t want it to end and the fact that it did was pure blasphemy. It was such a fresh idea that I probably won’t find one like it for quite some time. That’s one of the bad parts of this novel. It made my expectations go up so high that I may never get them lowered again.

Aya lives in a world where she’s afraid she may be captured. Aya is one of the last free girls left in a world where women are men’s property. There’s always that fear of being cast aside for a new girl, but for Aya that fear is all too real. Aya was captured by a hunting party that were looking for stray females. The Trackers managed to kill both her cousin and her Aunt, and they then stole her away from the only home she’s ever known. Now she’s been given the name Clover, that of a weed that grows wild. She’s being groomed to be a man’s perfect little toy like all the rest of the girls. However, the girls that she’s stuck with are far from being sane. They try to outdo each other in hopes of being chosen by a rich and powerful man. They want to be someone’s property, while Clover wants anything but that. She tries so hard to get out of the auctions that she even starts fights with the others. Which then lands her in solitary for a month by herself. However, there’s only so many times that it will work and this time seems to be her last. So now she must think of a plan to get herself out. One that involves a mysterious Driver that almost killed her. For some reason Clover finds herself drawn to Kiran in a way that she can’t explain. But by no means does she trust him, because even though he’s mute, he may just be the death of her.

It’s hard to say exactly what this novel is, because it’s so many things at once. For starters it’s not a romance novel in any way, it’s more of a sacrificial love novel. Someone even mention to me that this was a dystopia type novel, which I’m inclined to agree upon. It’s most definitely that and much more too. It’s a young adult novel that has action, adventure, and a suspense so good that it leaves you wanting more. The plot of this novel is well worth the praise, because it’s hard to find one like this that’s so well-written. It has all these different ideas corporated into just a few hundred pages. So the fact that this novel blended them together so well is quite mind-boggling. However, it’s definitely worthy of the recommendation that I’m about to give it. Because this novel is one of a kind. You won’t find another one like it anytime soon, so read it while you have the chance. I assure you that it’s worth your time and it won’t disappoint you either.


*Read on March 11th, 2016

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