Vanilla By Megan Hart

Well this novel was something else to say the least. It’s not really my kind of novel to begin with, but I decided to give it a go anyways. This novel seem to be more about a woman finding herself than anything else. Which isn’t a bad thing, but to me it was pretty boring and kind of lame. It’s supposed to be a romance novel, but there was barely even any romance in it. That’s what really got me. They say it’s a romance novel and basically leave out the romance part. Making it a novel of discovery on self-worth. Which in my opinion wasn’t much of an improvement at all.

In this novel the girl who tries so hard to find herself is Elise. Elise is considered the black sheep in her family. She is an independent woman with a side that scares most people. This is because Elise is a Top. She likes to be dominant towards men, but without hurting them. However, this isn’t the only reason that she’s considered odd. Elise is also a model, because she likes to have her picture taken. It’s these photos that make her family shun her somewhat. However, her twin brother thinks that she is perfectly normal and loves her anyways. It’s actually at one of these galleries that she meets Niall. Niall is everything that she wants in her life and then some. However, Niall doesn’t know how to take the fact that she’s a Top. He doesn’t think he wants a girlfriend that’s a Top. Yet at the same time he’s attracted to her in a new way to him. He really does like her and he loves hanging out with her, but overall he’s just not sure about her. While Elise tries to figure out how Niall feels about her, she’s got an even bigger problem. During a party that was thrown for her nephew, Elise caught her brother’s wife having an affair. After confronting her about it Elise has come to the decision that she’ll never stop seeing the other man. Now she doesn’t know what to do about either of her relationships. Should she tell her brother about his wife or should she just focus on her own problems?

This novel is supposed to be a romance novel with a bit of BDSM in it. There was a bit of romance in it, but it’s mostly a BDSM novel. It talks a lot about the subculture and even goes on to explain parts of it. This was actually quite delightful, because most novels don’t do this. It made it easier to read and even easier to understand as well. The plot to the novel was actually rather simple. There was no complexity to it and it was rather easy to read. However, this just made it a bit of a bore. I feel that the author could have spice it up a bit, without actually changing anything. It’s definitely possible with the plot that this novel has. So with this in mind my recommendation is not a good one. I think that there’s better novels out there that deserve the attention more than this one. And that this one would just be a complete waste of time for someone who likes to read BDSM.


*Read on March 15th, 2016

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