Wickedly Powerful By Deborah Blake

This was a rather excellent installment on the rest of this series. It told a wonderful tale of two characters that both have wounds in their past. Perhaps this is why I felt so strongly for this novel. It was written to be relatable to certain people and that aspect is written throughout the whole novel. That’s why I loved this novel so much. It brings to life the horrors that we can face every day, while also discussing the ones that we wouldn’t face. It’s a wonderful novel to read and the characters went together quite beautifully.

In this novel the main character is Bella our third Baba Yaga. Bella’s element is fire and it’s one of the best things about her. However, Bella doesn’t seem to think so. After she had an incident with her powers she has been afraid of them ever since. Mostly because she thinks that she will end up hurting somebody again. Which she refuses to ever let happen to anybody ever again. So when she ends up moving to the middle of the forest she couldn’t feel more at home. It’s a tranquility that she can’t seem to find anywhere else. However, she has a sinking feeling that she’s been called here for a specific reason. One that has to do with all the mysterious fires that I’ve been randomly popping up everywhere. Which is just one of the things that fire watcher Sam is good at. Sam is the first defense when it comes to fighting wildfires. He’s constantly on the lookout for fires that have been started either by accident or on purpose. Whatever the case maybe he’s the one that makes the call to those on the ground. Preferring to stay up high instead of down low. Sam had his own accident with a wildfire a few years back, and ever since then he’s been scarred for life. He’s never wanted a lot of human contact until now. When Bella shows up he’s interested in her showing up as well. There’s just something about her that he finds intriguing. The same goes for Bella as well. She’s oddly enough drawn to him like she’s never been before. She finds it both exciting and yet terrifying all at the same time.

The novel would be considered an adult romance novel filled to the brim with fantasy. It’s completely a syfy fantasy with a wickedly powerful story plot to boot. This plot revolves around the plots of the first two novels in this series, so it’s more of like an extended plot. A plot that has a lot of surprise twists at the end of it. One that I certainly didn’t see coming and was very pleased with. Out of the three novels within this series this one was the most boring. I felt like it could have been a little bit better than it was and that the whole plot wasn’t really thought out that well. So as far as my recommendation goes I’d say that you should probably read it if you want to continue to the next series. If not, then consider reading it to finish out this current series.


*Read on March 5th, 2016

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