Arise By Skye Malone

These novels are way past the point of being confusing. This does tend to happen when an author switches viewpoints every single chapter. However, Skye Malone doesn’t just do that, she also keeps adding more viewpoints to every freaking novel. Which is really starting to give me a freaking headache. All these viewpoints are way too much and I’m sure any reader who looks at this novel will take my side on the matter. Just scrape this novel and start all over already.

In this novel Chloe and Zeke have just about had enough. It’s bad enough that everyone wants to either kill or study Chloe, but now her parents are in the mix as well. They wanted Chloe to be a Landwalker and even agreed to hand her over to one a crazy scientist. Which about damn near killed her, and Zeke as well. Because while the treatment was bad on Chloe, Zeke had actually gotten it worse. The scientist had wanted to study Zeke, and had even gone as far as to torture him to get what he wanted. The only reason that they both escaped was because of the girl, Ellie. She didn’t like what her grandfather was doing and wanted to stop all of it. Which is exactly what she did with the help of Noah and Baylie. They all got out safe, but Zeke did something that he had to do. He shot and killed Noah’s cousin Brock in self-defense. Brock tried to kill Zeke while he was strapped down, and in desperation Zeke grabbed the first thing that could be found. Unfortunately, it also was extremely dangerous. Now Chloe and Zeke have Noah’s cousins gunning for them harder than ever. They’re pissed and want revenge on Zeke, but it’s really Chloe that they want. She’s the prize that keeps eluding them and they aren’t taking it too kindly.

This novel is a lot like the others in this series. It’s a young adult urban fantasy novel, with a bit of action and adventure in it. The action is all over the place in this novel. It pops up from page to page, spicing up the novel when it needs it the most. Which is quite frequently, because this novel is surely lacking in its plot. The plot of this novel is really on the downhill. Most likely due to the fact that there’s too many viewpoints bouncing around. This isn’t okay, in any novel and especially in this one. This is because all the viewpoints start to run together at certain times. So my recommendation for this novel is that you shouldn’t read it. This series has been a boring one this entire time and I don’t believe that it’s getting any better anytime soon.


*Read on June 11th, 2016

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